This Valentine's Day, Help Your Sweetheart Keep Both Hands On The Wheel

This Valentine's Day, Help Your Sweetheart Keep Both Hands On The Wheel

February 14, 2001

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As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your special sweetheart. With more than 108 million wireless subscribers in the United States, your loved one most likely has a wireless phone. Let them know you care by giving them an affordable gift that helps them drive responsibly -- a hands-free wireless device. Regardless of how much you want to spend, hands-free devices, such as headsets and car kits, come in a variety of options and price ranges to fit almost anyone's budget.


Wireless headsets from carriers like Verizon Wireless help your loved ones call with care. If they need to talk on the phone while in the car, headsets enable them to keep both hands on the wheel -- keeping their attention on the road and helping them drive responsibly. When they're not in the car, they'll enjoy the convenience of having both hands free while talking on their wireless phone, whether they're working in the house, walking in the shopping mall or riding the subway.

Headsets come in a variety of styles to fit everyone's taste, including universal models to fit any phone and models with noise reducing features. Headsets from Verizon Wireless are affordable too (suggested retail price is $14.99 to $34.99), so they're the perfect gift to give along with flowers, candy or other traditional Valentine's Day gifts.

In-Ear headsets feature "ear bud" models that simply rest in your loved one's ear with an ear bud speaker and a microphone on the cord (priced as low as $14.99). They're a basic solution for anyone who would like to go hands- free.

Over-the-ear headsets feature a boom microphone for close placement to the mouth for greater voice clarity over road noises and other in-vehicle sounds. The speaker rests outside the ear for ease and comfort and can be used on either ear. These headsets are also available with noise-canceling technology that clears up background noises and improves the call quality for both parties (suggested retail price for over-the-ear headsets from Verizon Wireless begin at $19.99).

Hands-free Car Kits Complete Hands-free Car Kits are available for many wireless phone models. Car kits typically include a phone mount and cradle to hold your loved one's phone, a microphone installed behind the inside panels of the car to hide the requirements, a speaker that projects the caller's voice, and an antenna to improve overall quality.

Hands-free Car Lighter Adapters (CLAs) are shaped with a slightly enlarged base that contains a speaker where the caller's voice projects. A separate microphone clips onto the car's sun visor. In addition, the CLA draws power from your car while using your sweetheart's phone, saving battery life for when they need to use the phone outside of the car (suggested retail price for Car Lighter Adapters from Verizon Wireless begin at $29.99).

For more information on wireless plans, service, and accessories, visit Verizon Wireless' Online Store at http://www.verizonwireless.com.