Verizon Business Adds IP Termination Capability to Wholesale Advanced Toll Free Service

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Wholesale customers now have more choice when they purchase Verizon Business' Advanced Toll Free service. Verizon Business is adding an Internet protocol (IP) termination service, available immediately on a limited basis, to the company's switchless-termination and dedicated-termination toll free services, which use traditional telephony technology.

Wholesale telecommunication providers sell each segment of a telephone call -- access, transport and termination -- individually.

The move to offer an IP-based toll-free termination option comes as wholesale customers and their customers transition to an all-IP network architecture, driven by growth in IP applications such as voice over IP (VoIP).

This service comes with new online features -- via Verizon's wholesale Web portal, Portfolio -- that allow access to electronic order-entry systems, call-detail records and online bill presentation.

With these enhancements to Advanced Toll Free service also come new rating options: Access-Based Billing and Operating Company Number (OCN)-Based Billing. OCN rates are based on the underlying local exchange carrier (LEC) and geographic region for delivering voice and IP calls over the Verizon Business global network. Both these billing services enable wholesale customers to better manage costs.

The recently upgraded Toll Free Order Management (TFOM) system is available through Portfolio to Advanced Toll Free customers to enable them to easily view, create, manage and deactivate toll-free records in near real-time. In addition, Portfolio provides access to Toll Free Network Manager, which allows customers to view current call routing plans and customize features on a near real-time basis.

Advanced Toll Free service also now provides electronic call-detail records, available either through Portfolio (on a daily or more frequent basis) or through a direct network connection that allows continuous streaming of information.

With these changes, customers now have the choice of receiving bills either in paper format or the more environmentally friendly electronic invoice format, which supports a company's green initiatives.

Product features for Advanced Toll Free service include call blocking, national toll free listing, disconnect message referral, automatic number identification (ANI) delivery and dialed number information service (DNIS). Advanced Toll Free customers also can select from a number of call-routing features such as geographic routing, time-of-day routing, percent-allocation routing and sequential routing.

Service availability for Advanced Toll Free includes calls that originate from all 50 states and Canada with extended service to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, and terminate on a global basis.

Verizon Business offers a wide array of wholesale voice and data services sold by Verizon Partner Solutions and Verizon Business International Partner Solutions.

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