Verizon Business Brings Advanced IP Capabilities to Mid-Market Customers

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - As Internet protocol-based technologies continue to transform the global business landscape, Verizon Business is now making it easier than ever for mid-market and smaller businesses to take advantage of  the ongoing IP evolution.

The company is providing new integrated service packages designed specifically for the mid-market that combine the company's advanced wireline and wireless voice and data capabilities with security and network management.  The service packages - called BizPaks - are ideally suited to customers operating from a single location, enabling them to address their various communications needs conveniently and holistically.

Additionally, Verizon Business has enhanced its offerings for multisite customers with Verizon Private IP, an MPLS-based virtual private network (VPN) service.  These customers can now access their Private IP network via the Verizon Wireless EV-DO Rev. A. 3G broadband data network.

"With these new offerings, medium-sized business customers can take advantage of Verizon Business' proven enterprise-grade solutions, tailored to their specific needs and with local accountability," said Ray Wierzbicki, senior vice president, SMB & conferencing and collaboration for Verizon Business.  "We're harnessing the power of IP technology to address the increasingly complex and unique needs of mid-market customers and help them get to where they want to go - on their own path and at their own pace."

The new service packages help smaller businesses more readily adopt Verizon Business' leading portfolio of IP solutions.  By employing the right combination of services tailored to their business requirements, Verizon Business small and mid-sized business customers can immediately benefit from streamlined network management associated with converged voice and data networking and the ability to introduce new IP-based applications such as voice and video over IP.

Verizon Business has an unrivaled record of deploying new IP-based technologies and guiding its customers down the IP evolution path.  For a retrospective and prospective view of Verizon Business IP innovation, visit: http://www.verizonbusiness.com/about/ipinnovation.

Mid-Market Solutions for IP Access

Verizon Business is offering mid-market customers several converged BizPak solutions that combine advanced and complementary services under an attractive pricing structure. 

The company's VoIP BizPak bundles Voice over IP with Internet Dedicated Access, Dedicated Toll Free and Managed Email Content services with the company's robust equipment offerings.  Managed installation is included to ensure a smooth IP deployment. 

The VoIP BizPak bundle is also offered with Verizon IP Integrated Access, a premises-based solution for mid-market customers who want to carry voice and data over the same connection while retaining their current phone system. 

Customers wanting all the features of an IP PBX without the associated capital and maintenance costs can choose Hosted IP Centrex, a network-based solution in which all IP PBX functionality resides within the Verizon Business network.   Hosted IP Centrex - a complete turnkey solution that features design, installation and ongoing maintenance for a low monthly fee - is ideal for customers moving to or establishing a new location, or who are looking to replace their outdated legacy system. 

For customers not yet ready to make the move to IP communications, Verizon Business' PRI (Primary Rate ISDN) BizPak bundles Verizon ISDN with Internet Dedicated Access and local and long-distance calling plans. 

Verizon Business BizPak bundles for mid-market customers are available with a full range of security solutions, including Managed Email and Web Content, Remote Backup and Restore, and a Security Management Program.

EV-DO Access to Private IP

The Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband EV-DO Rev A data network provides wireless access to the Verizon Private IP network and is a cost-effective option for diverse backup and portable or temporary network access.  Likely users of this service might include dispersed retail locations, bank branches and ATM locations, and remote devices such as utility meters and vending machines.  Physically separate from the public Internet, Private IP offers reliable and secure connectivity, speed (low latency) and seamless migration to IP applications.

Verizon Business and the Mid-Market

Verizon Business gives mid-market business customers the best of both worlds - a unique set of enterprise-grade capabilities combined with local accountability.  In today's economy, it's vital that companies harness technology to help them work more productively and efficiently.  Verizon Business helps all kinds of businesses do just that by offering integrated solutions that address specific business challenges along with a robust portfolio of products and services to meet their communications and information technology needs.  For more information, visit http://mediumbusiness.verizon.com/.

About Verizon Business
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