Verizon Business to Build New IT Platform for Secure Exchange of Transcribed Medical Information

A newly formed industry group, the Medical Transcription Service Consortium (MTSC), has chosen Verizon Business to build a new IT platform for the secure exchange of digitized transcriptions of physician-dictated patient notes.  

The MTSC - of which Verizon is a founding member - will develop a common framework for the digitization of transcribed dictated records, including interoperability standards for the seamless and secure exchange of data among health care providers.  The new IT platform is a key part of this initiative.

(A separate news release contains further details about the MTSC's initiative.)

The platform, which is expected to be available later this year, will leverage Verizon Business' broad portfolio of advanced IT, hosting and security solutions, as well as the company's global IP network.  The platform will be designed to the specifications determined by the MTSC, including the use of security best practices, and will enable the objective testing and certification for privacy, security and interoperability.

"Interoperability within the health care industry is the linchpin to driving efficiency and improving patient outcomes," said Rajeev Kapoor, global managing director - health care, Verizon.  "The vital services provided by the members of the MTSC are the foundation of every patient medical record, and Verizon Business' development of a common IT platform built to the standards and policies adopted by the consortium members will play an important role in expanding the adoption of electronic health records."

Creation of the MTSC was spearheaded by the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) and ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon Business.  In addition to ICSA Labs and the MTIA, the charter members of the consortium are Verizon and the following medical transcription companies: MD-ITMedQuist, MxSecure, Sten-Tel and Webmedx

"The creation of the MTSC and the work that Verizon is doing to create a common and interoperable network for the exchange of information will help drive efficiency and data security for the medical transcription industry," said Jay Cannon, president and chief operating officer, Webmedx.  "The growing adoption of electronic medical records is driving the need to securely and quickly exchange information between approved health care providers.  This is a necessity for the entire health care industry and the work of the consortium and Verizon Business is an important foundational element."

By leveraging its IT expertise and world-class networks, the Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions practice group provides innovative wireless and wired solutions to help transform the delivery of patient care, better manage costs, enhance access to services, and maintain data privacy.  The Verizon IT services portfolio includes a broad array of security, hosting, storage collaboration, networking, and managed and professional services, as well as customized applications, to meet the unique and often complex requirements of the health care industry.

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