Verizon Business Delivers Cloud-Based Solution for Quickly and Securely Connecting Mobile Workers to Their Corporate Networks

An innovative, new cloud-based service from Verizon Business will help on-the-go workers quickly and securely access their corporate networks, while making it easier for IT managers to manage a global mobile workforce. 

The new offering, Enterprise Mobility as a Service, uses advanced software and an intuitive user interface to enable employee laptops and netbooks to detect and connect to the best network service at a given time and place - for example, the network with the strongest signal or the one with the lowest charges.  Businesses can configure employees' portable computers to select the appropriate network, automatically or with the single click of a mouse.  The networks include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile broadband and virtual private network services. 

Because the service is so easy to use, it can help increase worker adoption while reducing the need for IT training and technical support.

In addition, since the service is delivered via the cloud, comprising Verizon's global network and IT infrastructure, IT managers can more effectively manage and secure employee remote access by automatically installing software updates, IT policies and patches across an enterprise workforce.  The service also provides up-to-date, detailed inventory reports on all hardware, software and devices, including wireless cards installed on corporate-owned equipment.

"Enterprise Mobility as a Service helps address an assortment of challenges multinational companies face deploying, managing and securing the tools of the trade for a mobile workforce," said Bart Vansevenant, director of enterprise solutions for Verizon Business.  "The combination of simplicity and reliability helps employees access their corporate network while alleviating the strain on IT department resources, leading to greater enterprise productivity."

The Enterprise Mobility solution will be available next month in 30 countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, with local billing, currency and support options available.  Since the solution is sold as a service, customers are charged monthly on a per user basis, so they pay for only what they use. 

Separately, the company on Tuesday (May 11) also announced a new Global Fixed Mobile Convergence service that automatically determines cost-effective routes for roaming mobile calls that are transmitted via mobile network service operators and Verizon's network-based voice-over-IP service.  Both new offerings join Verizon Business' comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions, including Managed Mobility and professional IT consulting services.

Converged IP and IT Services in the Cloud

Verizon is leading the industry toward an "everything-as-a-service" (EaaS) model where cloud-based converged solutions are securely delivered through managed and professional services over the company's global IP network.  Verizon is assembling the key components of that powerful approach to serving enterprises, and the addition of Enterprise Mobility as a Service is another step in that evolution.  The EaaS platform - with Verizon's global IP network and data centers as its foundation -- will enable enterprises to do business better by getting what they need, when they need it, where they need it.

About Verizon Business
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