Verizon Business Deploys Fiber-to-the-Desktop Technology for Russell Investments

When Russell Investments wanted to outfit its new global headquarters with modern networking technology, it turned to Verizon Business for a solution based on fiber-to-the-desktop technology that enables high-speed voice, data and video applications while reducing energy consumption.

Verizon Business information technology consultants are replacing the new facility's existing copper infrastructure with fiber-based Verizon Business Optical LAN Solutions (OLS) to support Russell employees.  This fully managed communications platform uses gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology to effectively carry voice, data and video on a single fiber. 

Russell is seeking to reduce power consumption to its global trading floor while supporting laptops, printers and wireless access points as well as applications such as voice over IP, video conferencing and security cameras.

Compared with a traditional switch-based Ethernet solution, Verizon OLS can significantly reduce power consumption; decrease space requirements in riser closets, data rooms and conduits; and control capital costs related to network elements. In addition, the fiber technology has a long life, helping Russell easily prepare for future infrastructure upgrades as technological needs evolve.

"We opted for this new fiber-optic technology because it provides green benefits, and it's secure, scalable and can meet the needs of our future growth," said Gopi Chelliah, global head of technology and operations with Russell Investments. "Rather than opt for copper or other multimode cables, we took the step of deploying fiber directly to the desktop to improve network efficiencies while enhancing network capacity and controlling costs."

In addition to the new networking infrastructure, Verizon Business connects Russell's offices globally with a fully managed Private IP network service based on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS).

Founded in 1936, Russell Investments is a global financial services firm that serves institutional investors, financial advisers and individuals in more than 40 countries. In the Russell Investments Center, the company's new headquarters, Verizon Business, working with Motorola, is deploying the optical network with the capability to expand to 25 terabits worth of bandwidth by using technological advances.  This high-speed capability will support the quick sharing of large files and imaging as well as streaming video and other files to support faster real-time collaboration.

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