Verizon Business Extends Denial of Service Defense Mitigation Services to Europe for Improved Business Resilience

SAN FRANCISCO and READING, England -- Verizon Business has expanded its network-based Denial of Service (DoS) security offering to Europe.

Denial of service attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication each year and constitute a major threat to business continuity.  Attackers attempt to prevent legitimate users from accessing resources such as a corporate network or a Web site by "flooding" them with malicious traffic so they no longer operate. Such assaults can be particularly hard to prevent and are best stopped at the service provider's network.

Verizon DoS Defense Mitigation Services, previously available in the United States, are now available in 11 European countries.  The DoS services help detect and combat malicious worms and viruses so networks continue to operate smoothly.  Harmful traffic is intercepted and stopped before it reaches a customer's network and creates havoc.  
Verizon Business is announcing this news at the RSA Conference 2007 security trade show in San Francisco, where it is also introducing, in a separate news release, the first network-based firewall that can be customized in real time. 

"Verizon DoS Defense combines our experience in operating one of the most expansive global IP networks with our world-class threat intelligence and security expertise," said Roberta Mackintosh, director of international product for Verizon Business. "This international offering strengthens business resilience across networks, helping transform threat data into security insight, intelligence and prompt action." 

In addition to the detection and mitigation offerings available in the United States, Verizon DoS Defense Mitigation is now available in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with plans for rollout into the Asia-Pacific region, Canada and Latin America later this year. 

The expanded offering is ideal for large, organizations in need of protection from highly disruptive cyber attacks. It allows customers with large host sites to protect mission-critical data, and, for DoS Mitigation customers, is backed by a 15-minute-response service level agreement (SLA) upon attack notification.  Companies fitting this profile include Internet-centric companies, government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, e-commerce Web sites, financial companies and entertainment firms. 

"For multinational corporations, such as major financial institutions or prominent brands, it is crucial that malicious denial of service traffic is mitigated well before it gets close to the customer's network perimeter," Mackintosh said.  "The service offers a simple, efficient method to help ensure cleaned data is received and the customer's network resources remain available for authentic business transactions."

Verizon Business offers a comprehensive portfolio of Managed and Professional Security Services spanning Verizon's Internet "cloud" network to the enterprise premise "core" infrastructure. This suite of global services delivers advanced threat intelligence and flexible security management, enabling business and government customers to better manage security risks and protect critical company assets.

Verizon Business is exhibiting at the RSA Conference 2007 security trade show in San Francisco at Booth #1244.

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