Verizon Business to Help Secure U.S. Navy Facilities in Washington, D.C., Area

Verizon Business is working with the U.S. Navy to help it physically secure its facilities in the Washington area, under an agreement announced Monday (Dec. 13).

Verizon Business security experts will provide the bases at Dahlgren, Va., and Indian Head, Md., with design, engineering, installation and maintenance support for physical security. The Verizon experts also will help the Navy manage key physical security assets such as card readers, security credentials, cameras and intrusion detection systems.

In addition, the experts will combine a physical security assessment with security awareness training and an evaluation of relevant logical security technologies, such as smart cards and biometric scanners, to evaluate and strengthen the facilities’ overall security.

Verizon is providing the services under a provision added to the U.S. General Services Administration’s Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS 3) contract, which runs through 2015. The contract allows Verizon Business to compete for, among other things, business for physical security services for federal agencies in the National Capital Region (NCR), which includes Washington and portions of its Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

Physical security is vital for data protection, according to findings from the “2010 Verizon Business Data Breach Investigations Report,” which found that physical threats played a role in 12 percent of all data breaches studied. The physical attacks identified include theft, tampering, snooping, sabotage and inappropriate access to local devices.

“Physical security goes hand-in-hand with network security,” said Susan Zeleniak, group president, Verizon Federal.  “Government agencies can be vulnerable if they overlook simple physical security considerations, such as requiring access cards to enter a building.  The Navy, by getting a handle on its physical security with the simplified maintenance and management provided by Verizon, is ahead of the game in helping to prevent possible security vulnerabilities that can lead to data breaches.”

Verizon Business, the largest provider of communications services to the U.S. federal government, is a leader in helping government agencies and enterprises manage security risk and protect assets.  Its robust portfolio of security solutions includes governance risk and compliance solutions, data loss and prevention solutions, identity management solutions, and managed security services.

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