Verizon Business Hits Bullseye With New System for Texas Hunting and Fishing Licenses

AUSTIN, Texas - The state's more than 2.1 million licensed hunters and anglers, who constitute one of the largest hunting and fishing populations in the nation, are now able to obtain licenses more quickly and conveniently, using a state-of-the-art system deployed by Verizon Business for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The system upgrade was provided under an existing Verizon Business contract with the agency.

Verizon Business worked with the state to upgrade from an existing point-of-sale system to a leading-edge, completely Web-based automated sales system for processing hunting and fishing licenses in the Lone Star State. The underlying network and existing data centers have also been upgraded. 

Texas issues about 2.1 million hunting and fishing licenses annually and an additional 600,000 items including stamps, permits, tags and commercial licenses.  The new system successfully passed a real-world load test, processing about 321,000 licenses over a four-day, peak period during the Labor Day weekend.

"The previous system was state-of-the-art when it was first implemented in 2001 and, while it was still very reliable, it was nearing the end of its productive life," said Alex Coleman, Verizon Business regional vice president for government and education sales.  "We partnered with the state of Texas to develop a platform that is flexible, fast, scalable and upgraded easily to meet the growing demand for fish and game licenses."

Verizon Business provides the network architecture, data hosting and customized database applications for the system, a wide area network that serves more than 1,700 retail license sales agents across Texas and generates some $88 million in revenue annually for the state. Revenue generated from license sales supports the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's efforts to manage and protect wildlife habitat, as well as parklands and historic areas in the state.

Through the system, formally known as the Texas License Connection System, hunting and fishing licenses are sold through retail sales agents, over the phone or via the Internet. Verizon Business' customized Web-based application allows applicants to electronically purchase hunting and fishing licenses and access license information via the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

This system quickly updates the central database with the latest information on hunters and anglers, including sales through agents - such as sporting goods stores - as well as Internet and telephone license sales. Each Central Processing Unit (CPU) captures, edits and forwards information about customers, license purchases and related data. Verizon Business also provides help-desk support for license sales agents across the state.

In addition to Texas, Verizon Business supports wildlife data management systems in Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New York and Virginia.

The wildlife data management solution is part of a suite of specialized e-government application solutions that Verizon Business developed to help governments streamline administrative procedures for areas including vehicle inspection, law enforcement, and hunting and fishing.

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