Verizon Business Provides Communications for Presidential Debate at Hofstra University

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -  Verizon Business is providing the communications links for the more than 3,100 members of the media who are expected to converge on Hofstra University to cover and broadcast the third and final presidential debate of the general election season. Sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Oct. 15 event is scheduled to focus on the economy and domestic policy.

Verizon Business' comprehensive services will include everything from basic voice to sophisticated high-capacity data, Internet access and broadcast circuits.  These services include providing cutting-edge capabilities to power "Spin Alley," the designated area for the media to conduct live interviews for television and Internet broadcast.

An estimated 60 million to 100 million people are expected to watch the presidential debates, which will be televised and streamed online.  In addition to traditional print and broadcast media, the event is expected to attract bloggers and other online publications.  

"Verizon's global network and expertise have been invaluable in wiring our campus to host an event of this magnitude," said Robert Juckiewicz, vice president of Hofstra University, which is located in Hempstead, N.Y.  "With so much attention across the globe focused on this debate, we feel confident that we can rely on Verizon Business to help us deliver a successful experience for news media and their expected audiences."    

John Killian, president of Verizon Business, said, "The Internet has revolutionized the political process by helping more voters get involved.  We're delighted to help Hofstra University power democracy through all the different ways information is delivered today. While the visibility for this event couldn't be more intense, Verizon Business is used to a global stage.

As with all of our customers, Hofstra University can rely on Verizon Business to provide secure and reliable global connectivity."

In addition to hosting the debate, Hofstra University earlier this year launched Educate '08: Dialogue, Democracy and the '08 Debate, a comprehensive, year-long educational effort to engage students, faculty and the public in a series of conferences, events and lectures focused on the 2008 election, politics and presidential history.

Verizon Mobilizes to Provide Comprehensive Services

More than 80 Verizon managers and technicians have been working to install the equivalent of 950 miles of cabling. The company is also mobilizing a portable mini-central office to handle call-routing for approximately 1,400 voice-grade lines.  High-speed Internet access over two diverse gigabit Ethernet circuit lines will provide the media with the necessary bandwidth to support online broadcasts and stories, blogging, digital darkrooms and the transmission of large photo files.  In addition, 40 video broadcast circuits have been deployed over Verizon's fiber-optic network to handle the requirements of live television broadcasts.

Verizon Business' global IP network has been recognized for the tenth consecutive year as the most connected Internet backbone network by TeleGeography, a research division of PriMetrica Inc.  Verizon Business' expansive footprint enables its customers to reach more destinations directly than any other service provider.  Its leading global network capabilities, backed by more than 32,000 employees worldwide, enable Verizon Business to provide its customers some of the industry's highest levels of service reliability.

Verizon Business -- the company that helped pioneer the commercial Internet two decades ago through its predecessor companies, UUNET and MCI -- today has an IP network that spans six continents and includes points of presence throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Credentialed media that still need to order telecommunications services can visit www.hofstra.edu/debate to access the event rate card.  Verizon Business employees will be providing support during the event.

About Verizon Business
Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ), operates the world's most connected public IP network and uses its industry-leading global-network capabilities to offer large-business and government customers an unmatched combination of security, reliability and speed.  The company integrates advanced IP communications and information technology (IT) products and services to deliver leading enterprise solutions including managed services, security, mobility, collaboration and professional services.  These solutions power innovation and enable the company's customers to do business better. For more information, visit www.verizonbusiness.com.

About Hofstra University
Hofstra University is a dynamic private institution where students can choose from about 140 undergraduate and 155 graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, communication, education and allied human services, and honors studies, as well as a School of Law.  With a student-faculty ratio of 14-to-1, our professors teach small classes averaging 22 students that emphasize interaction, critical thinking and analysis. Hofstra offers a faculty whose highest priority is teaching excellence.  The University also provides excellent facilities with state-of-the-art technology, extensive library resources and internship programs that match students' interests and abilities with appropriate companies and organizations.  For more information, visit www.hofstra.edu.