Verizon Business Set to Break New Ground With Integrated Approach to Data Breach Prevention

SAN FRANCISCO - Verizon Business continues to strengthen its comprehensive package of global security solutions aimed at preventing data breaches.  The company plans to add two new managed security services to its expanding portfolio, underscoring its industry-leading approach to address the entire flow of data within the extended enterprise environment via a complete solution.

The new services, available later this year, can help prevent malicious requests that could compromise a company's database and can also support new tools that track data as it flows throughout the enterprise.

[NOTE: An audio podcast that highlights how a complete solution for data protection and data loss prevention helps to secure the extended enterprise is available at http://www.podtech.net/home/5081/verizon-business-discusses-its-industry-leading-approach-to-data-protection-and-data-loss-prevention.]

"These new managed offerings will support the holistic approach we are taking to protect business data, no matter where it resides in the enterprise," said Kerry Bailey, vice president of Verizon Business Security Solutions.  "Our comprehensive strategy is forging new ground in meeting the security challenges posed by today's extended and evolving global enterprise."

Once neatly contained in internal databases, critical data now flows in and out of extended enterprises to partners, customers and suppliers all around the world.  The extended enterprise environment makes it difficult, if not impossible, to know where confidential corporate data resides at any time.  Keeping data safe has become complex, costly and time-consuming for businesses.

"A data breach can have an enduring impact on a business, both to the company's bottom line and the integrity of its brand," said Bailey.  "Customers are demanding effective overall solutions, and our combined global managed security, network and professional services capabilities make us well-positioned to deliver on that data-protection strategy." 

According to industry experts, the repercussions of data loss on a business can be enormous and long-lasting.  Industry estimates found that more than 162 million records were reported lost or stolen in 2007, more than triple the 49.7 million reported in 2006. 

What's an Extended Enterprise to Do?

Verizon Business' industry-leading approach to the delivery of data-protection and data-loss prevention (DLP) services will bring together resources and services from the company's leading professional services capabilities as well as new and existing offerings from its managed security services. 

The new managed services are:

Management and monitoring of software and appliances for database auditing and prevention/database activity monitoring.  These software and appliances effectively act as a security buffer, preventing malicious requests that could compromise a database.  Verizon Business' service will be available beginning in July.

Management and monitoring of data-loss prevention technologies. Verizon Business' support of these tools will allow customers to outsource to Verizon Business the tracking and monitoring of their data, whether it is at rest, in transit or in use.  The service will be available beginning in September.

Existing services addressing data protection and data loss prevention include:

Professional Services Capabilities:

Data discovery and data classification. Verizon Business works with customers to discover what data exists and where it resides within the enterprise.  When classifying data, Verizon Business' professional services experts determine how sensitive the data is, as well as its value to the business.

Data protection architecture design. Verizon Business works with customers to define data protection policies and set relevant security controls within the overall security infrastructure.  Verizon Business can also help customers select the appropriate data-protection and data-loss-prevention technologies for their business.

Data-protection and data-loss prevention technology implementation. Verizon Business installs and fine-tunes the customer's data-protection and data-loss prevention technologies.

Forensics and incident response. If a data breach occurs, Verizon Business offers sophisticated services to contain data loss, manage evidence, and  provide on-site incident response and forensics analysis.  If there is a legal action as a result of a data breach, Verizon Business provides assistance with chain of custody, evidence transition to law enforcement and litigation support.      

Managed Security Services:   

Management and monitoring of content monitoring and filtering technologies. Verizon Business fully supports this set of technologies, which monitor and filter content from the Internet, instant messaging, e-mail, documents and spreadsheets.  If inappropriate data is found, it can be captured, blocked or the application closed before that data can harm the business.

Verizon Business Delivers the Perfect Framework for Data Protection and DLP

The framework for Verizon's new data protection and data-loss-prevention suite comes from its more than 300 professional services experts around the world, who work with customers to discover and identify what data exists and where, then determine what data is essential to the business before finally establishing which data should be protected and to what extent. 

In addition to helping customers discover, identify and classify their data, professional services experts help design a data-protection architecture and implement various types of data-protection technologies.  In the event that a data breach occurs, Verizon Business' forensics and incident response services can help contain the breach and mitigate its impact.   

With its leading managed security services offering, Verizon Business is poised to adapt and meet customer need as the data-loss-prevention and data-protection market matures.  While most technology implementations today focus on awareness - identifying what data is actually traveling over the network - the market is shifting to implementations that can actually protect data. 

Verizon Business helps safeguard enterprise data through 24 x 7 monitoring, and management of and reporting on content monitoring and filtering. Later this year, Verizon Business will support database auditing and data-loss-prevention products as they become available.  These offerings will enable enterprises to better protect their data round the clock and help them meet industry guidelines and mandates. 

With one of the world's most expansive IP networks, Verizon Business has an unparalleled view into the global security threat landscape.  Customers can rely on Verizon Business' expert security capabilities and advanced analysis, to provide visibility into - and the ability to mitigate - new and emerging threats that may impact a business.

Verizon Business Security Services Portfolio

Enterprises and government agencies rely on Verizon Business to help them manage security risk and protect critical company assets.  Verizon Business Security Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services that include threat and vulnerability management; identity management; security and compliance programs; and security strategy and consultation.  The more than 1,100 security professionals around the globe deliver these offerings through a range of managed services, professional services and products.  More information is available by visiting http://www.verizonbusiness.com/us/security

About Verizon Business
Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ), is a global IP leader and network-based partner for delivering integrated communications and information technology (IT) solutions to large-business and government customers worldwide.  Combining unsurpassed reach with managed services, security, mobility, collaboration and professional services capabilities, Verizon Business delivers global solutions that power innovation and enable its customers to do business better.  For more information, visit www.verizonbusiness.com.