Verizon Business Strengthens Gruppo Campari's Global Business Resilience

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- Verizon Business has been selected by Gruppo Campari, a major player in the global alcoholic beverage sector, to centralize Gruppo Campari's business-critical applications and manage its global IP communications network.  This key strategic initiative is designed to make the company's operations more robust and resilient as it continues to grow globally.

Gruppo Campari has implemented a fully managed Verizon Private IP network to enable its 17 operational sites spanning Asia, Europe, Latin America, South Africa and the United States to communicate effectively and securely.  This deployment will be complemented by Verizon Internet Dedicated service, which provides secure high bandwidth for its users, as well as Verizon Network Colocation services, a superior managed environment that provides crucial backup for Gruppo Campari's business-critical equipment, thus supporting the company's overall business continuity strategy. 

Gruppo Campari is a major force in the global beverage sector, with more than 1,500 employees, operating in more than 190 nations around the world. Over the last ten years its portfolio has expanded dramatically as the company has evolved from a single-brand, family owned company to the seventh player in the industry, spanning a number of segments and listed on the Italian stock exchange in Milan. The efficient sharing of information among all of Gruppo Campari's business operations worldwide is of strategic importance as the company continues to grow and penetrate new markets.

By adopting a managed network solution, Gruppo Campari is able to focus on its own business while entrusting the management of its business-critical infrastructure and IT operations to Verizon Business. This provides Gruppo Campari with improved access to its core business applications, enabling its senior management to obtain information from the company's database in real time and allowing its global workforce to access essential information 24x7. The company also benefits from Verizon Business' industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), which ensure a consistently high quality of service. Gruppo Campari has chosen Verizon Business to centralize business applications within a resilient and secure IP network, thus guaranteeing top-level business resilience and continuity.

Massimo Peselli, country leader, Verizon Business Italy, said, "Business resilience is a critical activity for multinational corporations such as Gruppo Campari, and a truly effective global communication infrastructure is a key factor in enabling this. Gruppo Campari is a visionary company, and we are proud to be supporting it as it centralizes its communications today. We look forward to helping support the company's growth as it continues to diversify and expand into new markets."

About Gruppo Campari
Gruppo Campari is a major player in the global beverage sector, trading in over 190 nations around the world with a leading position in the Italian and Brazilian markets and a strong presence in the US, Germany and Switzerland. The Group has an extensive portfolio that spans three business segments: spirits, wines and soft drinks. In the spirits segment stand out internationally renowned brands, such as Campari, SKYY Vodka and Cynar together with leading local brands, such as Aperol, CampariSoda, Glen Grant, Ouzo 12 and Zedda Piras and the Brazilian brands Dreher, Old Eight, Drury's. In the wine segment together with Cinzano, known world-wide, are Liebfraumilch, Mondoro, Riccadonna, Sella & Mosca and Teruzzi & Puthod all respected wines in their category. In the soft drinks segment are Crodino, Lemonsoda and its respective line extension dominating the Italian market. The Group has over 1,500 employees. The shares of the parent company, Davide Campari-Milano, are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

About Verizon Business
Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ), is a leading provider of advanced communications and information technology (IT) solutions to large business and government customers worldwide.  Combining unsurpassed global network reach with advanced technology and professional service capabilities, Verizon Business delivers innovative and seamless business solutions to customers around the world.  For more information, visit www.verizonbusiness.com.