Verizon Employees Will Answer Super Bowl Hotline

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TAMPA, Fla. -- When the Super Bowl XXXV Task Force was looking for volunteers to provide information for more than 100,000 visitors expected in the Tampa Bay area during Super Bowl week, they turned to the communications specialists for help.

Sixty-five Verizon Communications employees are volunteering to handle calls to the official Super Bowl XXXV General Information Hotline (1-866-TAMPA-2001) at 866-826-7220. They are among the army of 5,000 volunteers who will host the Super Bowl, representing the largest group of volunteers ever assembled for an event in Tampa Bay.

The Verizon crew first volunteered in 1999, playing a similar role for the NCAA Final Four Tournament.

With approximately 100 events planned during the upcoming Super Bowl week, the demand for information will be high. The Verizon employees will be equipped to handle the volume of calls by wired and wireless phones, voice mail, fax machines and e-mail.

"We want to ensure that Super Bowl visitors receive a warm welcome and enjoy a worry-free stay," said Paul Catoe, president, Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The Task Force knew that reliability, quality and service was needed, so we enlisted the experts at handling huge volumes of calls."

The hotline number has been publicized in all official materials produced by the Task Force and will be promoted following the NFC and AFC Championship games on Jan. 14 along with the hotline e-mail address. The hotline will be staffed starting Jan. 21 (See hours listed below). After hours, an automated answering service will provide information and offer voice mail options

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