Verizon Enhances In-Home Agent Self-Help Tool by Adding How-To Videos On-Demand

Verizon's innovative In-Home Agent now has a new feature - how-to videos on demand -- making it even easier for customers to resolve setup and service questions without having to call a service representative for help.

"Service manuals and help lines are great," said Gary Butler, vice president of operations for Verizon, "but when customers are actually saying 'show me,' it's a lot better to actually show them how to do things rather than talk them through procedures involving their services or equipment.

"That's why we built this library of short videos right into the 'help' tool in our on-screen TV menu," he said.

While some video services dedicate a channel to a rotating series of demonstrations, Verizon created a video-on-demand file accessible from the help menu on the main TV menu by clicking on "Menu," then "Help," then "In-Home Agent."

The topics of the 16 videos include using the In-Home Agent, DVR basics, setting up e-mail, using the message center and configuring TV audio.  In each video, the host explains the issue and demonstrates operation of the feature.

The following most popular videos are available now, with several more in the works: (Check out the full library at http://newscenter2.verizon.com/press-releases/related-items/verizon-in-home-agent.html.)

How FiOS Works
Learn the fundamentals of how FiOS service works, what the equipment does and other basic information. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/how_fios_works/vod/asx/archive.asx.

DVR Recording Basics
Learn the basics of the FiOS DVR, including how to record and delete shows.  Plus, learn how to view the DVR's available space for recording additional shows. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/dvr_record_basics/vod/asx/archive.asx 

Pay-Per-View FAQS
Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about pay-per-view programming, including questions about standard vs. high definition, as well as monthly limits.  http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/before_you_order_ppv/vod/asx/archive.asx
Parental Controls
Learn about setting FiOS TV's parental controls, and about setting a PIN to prevent children from making unauthorized purchases. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/parental_controls/vod/asx/archive.asx

FiOS Phone Service
Learn the basics about FiOS phone service, as well as about advanced features, including voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Also, review instructions about how to retrieve your voicemail PIN. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/fios_phone_servicevod/asx/archive.asx

The In-Home Agent
Verizon's In-Home Agent can resolve many issues relating to FiOS Service. Learn about this valuable tool, and how to access it on a computer or through FiOS television service. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/in_home_agent/vod/asx/archive.asx

Setting Up E-Mail
Learn to set up e-mail accounts, using the In-Home Agent. http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vztb/10334/in_home_agent/setting_up_email/vod/asx/archive.asx

The Verizon In-Home Agent is a multifaceted self-help tool that runs on Verizon customers' PCs and TVs, offering instant assistance with questions or problems. Because it is wired into Verizon's operating systems, in many cases a click of the remote or the mouse initiates an automatic fix for technical problems.

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