Verizon FiOS TV Is Innovation Pioneer With Advanced Television Operating System

As cable operators at the Cable Show this week discuss long-range plans to develop better programming guides, Verizon continues to roll out the ninth major upgrade of its Interactive Media Guide, the advanced operating system for FiOS TV.

Introduced in 2007, the FiOS TV IMG was the first broadband platform to pull together content from broadcast TV, the Internet and users' own personal media into one media-management system.  It's since evolved into an in-depth, interactive TV experience, with applications for advanced/intuitive search, social networking, Internet video, personal media streaming, high-definition music, remote DVR controls, account management and billing functions, multi-screen/mobile viewing and much more.  The latest upgrade will be made available to FiOS TV subscribers throughout the summer.  View a video of some of the recently announced new IMG features here.

"At its inception, FiOS TV was designed to deliver a radically different home-entertainment experience," said Eric Bruno, vice president product management for Verizon's consumer and business services.  "The vast variety of programming and capabilities we offered from the start of FiOS TV required an operating system that could organize and simplify content for customers.  Every year we've added more advanced capabilities that have changed TV viewing from a one-way passive experience into an interactive and social journey of search, discovery, personalization and community."  

Verizon recently used customer feedback gained from its product development labs, field trials and social media forums to create more than 25 of its latest upgrades to its FiOS TV IMG, including greater personalization, easier navigation, deeper search, bigger storage options and optimization for new 3D technology.

Following is a sampling of the innovations that Verizon has pioneered through its advanced FiOS TV operating system:

  • Advanced Search - Advanced, customized search for linear, video-on-demand (VOD) content, personal and Internet media by day/time, program, genre, actor and keyword. 
  • Advanced DVR - DVR "chaptering" similar to DVD functionality that allows users to return to specific points in recorded programming by referencing a visual chapter. 
  • Multi-room DVR - Use one DVR to record and view programming on up to six additional TV sets.
  • Multi-hub DVR - use one DVR or HD set-top box to access recorded programming on all other DVRs in the home. 
  • Interactive Applications - Interactive widgets including games, Facebook, Twitter, KODAK Gallery,  NBA League Pass, Visual 411, WeatherBug, FiOS Mobile Remote, HSN Shop by Remote®, AP Headline News, Spend Smart Coupons, YouTube, Yelp, iHeartRadio, TMZ, Traffic, Zona Latina, Music Choice, baseball, football, international soccer, horoscopes, sports headlines, daily news and more.
  • Personal Media - Ability for customers to stream personal photos, music and videos to the TV via their laptop or PC.  Customers can also flick photos from their smartphones to the TV screen.
  • Remote Access - Remote DVR control via variety of mobile devices.  Remote access to programming through FiOS TV Online and FiOS TV Flex View services.  Enables customers' smartphones, tablets and other devices to be used as a remote control.
  • Content Discovery - Personalized programming recommendations based on recently viewed VOD programming.  What's Hot feature that lists the most popular shows by day/time slot.  Viewer ratings for VOD titles. 

"As customers explore the richness of their FiOS TV service, they'll find an easy-to-manage, highly interactive, technologically advanced offering unlike anything else available in the marketplace today, delivered over the ultimate, advanced all-fiber-optic network," said Bruno.  "We're erasing technology boundaries to free customers to benefit from everything they're looking for in entertainment - at home and on the go."  To view an infographic that depicts Verizon's FiOS TV innovations, click here.

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