Verizon Global IP Network Ranks No. 1 as Most-Connected Internet Network

The Verizon global IP network has been recognized once again for having the world's most-connected Internet backbone.

In its annual "Global Internet Geography Report," TeleGeography found that the Verizon global IP network continues to serve the Internet with the greatest number of autonomous system (AS) network connections of any public IP network in the world. Since TeleGeography began producing this report in 1999, Verizon has taken the top position in 11 of the past 12 years.

"The autonomous system ranking is a measure of the connectedness of an IP network to the rest of the public Internet," said Alan Mauldin, TeleGeography research director. "While all networks can reach each other on the Internet, the AS ranking demonstrates the closeness of a network to the rest of the Internet, as in the number of 'hops' (segments on the network route) data must take to reach the Internet."

The 2010 TeleGeography Global Internet Geography Report can be found at http://www.telegeography.com/product-info/gig/download/telegeography-global-internet.pdf.

"Verizon's expansive IP footprint and direct interconnections around the world enable our large-business and government customers to reach more destinations directly through our global IP network than through the networks of any other service provider," said Ihab Tarazi, Verizon vice president of global network planning and engineering. "Our consumer, small and medium business, FiOS and Verizon Wireless customers also benefit greatly from our most-connected IP network."

Verizon delivers critical IP traffic for its customers and the entire Internet community around the world. The company provides a range of Internet solutions to support customers - including small and medium businesses, large enterprises, content owners and aggregators --   that have local- or wide-area network requirements -- from low- to high-speed connections. The company also offers stringent service-level agreements that deliver reliable service to meet customers' current business needs and can scale easily to meet future demand.

"All of our customers depend on Verizon global IP network to be accessible anytime, anywhere to carry large amounts of IP traffic quickly and reliably around the globe," Tarazi said. "We continue to see traffic growth on our global IP backbone, the foundation on which we deliver innovative IP communications services."

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