Verizon Global Wholesale Launches Global Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering

Verizon Global Wholesale is expanding its Infrastructure-as-a-Service to wholesale customers globally. IaaS is available in countries in such regions as Europe and Asia-Pacific, on an individual-case basis. The service has been available to U.S. wholesale customers since June.

Verizon's IaaS is a highly resilient on-demand infrastructure delivery platform that allows wholesale customers to quickly change resources in the quantity and duration necessary to meet changing business needs.

This dynamic service gives wholesale customers a competitive advantage by enabling them to configure and reconfigure their computing infrastructure round-the-clock and monitor the performance and availability of their applications, while knowing their content is secure and reliable.

"Verizon's wholesale IaaS service offers a level of flexibility for our customers that gives them the power to manage through usage spikes such as seasonal demands, marketing promotions or end-of-the-month events, while maintaining availability of critical services and reducing their cost to do business," said Quintin Lew, senior vice president of marketing for Verizon Global Wholesale.

With the easy-to-use customer management portal, wholesale customers can control their own IaaS configurations to perform such functions as:

  • Dynamically move, add or remove resources such as physical and virtual services, storage, firewall, backup and support services.
  • Manage connectivity and network components.
  • View detailed reports on the resources deployed.
  • Open and view service requests. 
  • Access to comprehensive online help.

"When it comes to cloud services, Verizon offers a level of stability and reliability to address the three areas with which customers are most concerned: security, control and on-demand scalability," said Lew. "Verizon's IaaS solution addresses all of these - and more - with a comprehensive solution that leverages a world-class data center footprint and one of the largest networks in the world."

Verizon's Global Wholesale IaaS offers a variety of feature choices to create unique configurations that can meet each customer's needs, including service levels of management, firewalls, load balancing, multitiered networking, remote access and network connectivity options. Wholesale customers can create and label their configurations according to the application, project or business function supported, as well as provision multiple configurations and make changes as needed.

In addition, subject to terms and conditions, the company is offering its wholesale customers an optional 30-day trial period of its IaaS offering, providing an opportunity for them to experience the full benefits of the service and the possibilities it brings to their businesses.

For more information, go to Verizon Global Wholesale

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