Verizon Global Wholesale VoIP Services Show Strong Growth at 10-Year Mark

Verizon Global Wholesale's voice-over-Internet-protocol minutes of use grew more than 200 percent in 2009, compared with the previous year. This trend continues a growth trajectory that began with the launch of Verizon's wholesale VoIP portfolio in 2000.

"Since we launched our VoIP portfolio 10 years ago, we've seen steady growth reflecting customer desire for reliable, cost-effective IP voice services," said Mike Millegan, president of Verizon Global Wholesale. "And, as this market grows, we continue to add new VoIP services while enhancing our existing portfolio."

VoIP uses virtual rather than traditional physical call connections, enabling flexible, efficient call processing using packet-based signaling. As VoIP services become widely accepted, new applications such as high-velocity, short-duration calling systems used by call centers and mass notification systems find VoIP to be the platform of choice.

With wholesale customers and network resources around the globe, Verizon Global Wholesale is positioned to support a variety of call origination and termination solutions for customers with multinational needs. New VoIP enhancements planned for 2010 include the deployment of more robust VoIP network interfaces in Europe.

Other VoIP features planned in 2010 are support of Caller-Provided CLI (Caller Line Identity) and greater integration into customer portals. In high demand by wholesale customers that support call centers, Caller-Provided CLI is a caller ID feature that allows a main phone number to appear as the called ID even when a call is made from an extension, branch office, or home-based agent. This feature allows businesses that have staff at more than one office to present a more uniform presence when communicating with their customers.

As companies look for ways to streamline processes and reduce operating costs, Verizon Global Wholesale continues to give customers powerful e-commerce tools through automation with its one-stop customer Web portal, the Verizon Wholesale Center. By the end of the year, wholesale customers outside the U.S. should have the ability to "go green" by electronically accessing their call detail records and directly downloading their monthly invoices - as opposed to receiving paper invoices.

Verizon's VoIP expertise extends to its work with industry standards and committees -- both in and outside the U.S., with the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and the International Interconnection Forum. Verizon is helping to develop engineering specifications, interconnection methods, and specific technical and test parameters necessary to ensure IP interoperability for voice services.

"Verizon's work with standards bodies is important behind-the-scenes work," Millegan said. "Without standards agreement, acceptance of new technologies and features is slowed, interoperability is limited and stakeholders suffer."

Verizon, which has a base of more than 700 wholesale VoIP customers, debuted its VoIP services as a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional telephony. Recent enhancements to the wholesale VoIP service portfolio include adding IP capabilities to Advanced Toll Free Service and enhancing security options with IP Security Tunnel.

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