Verizon Goes Nationwide with Deals That Highlight Power Of Consumer Services to 'Get Life Done'

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NEW YORK -- Verizon is opening the new year with a powerful nationwide offer designed to demonstrate how the merged company's services can work together to enhance consumers' quality of life.

The nationwide offer will be supported by an advertising campaign employing print, TV and direct mail that will run through April 2. The Verizon offer includes full-service packages at deeply discounted rates in addition to deals on services like long distance, high-speed Internet access, dial-up Web access and Home Voice Mail, where available.

"We want to show our customers that we're on their side. We're an ally to each one of them, capable of delivering services that support their lifestyles with innovative telecommunications tools and the simplicity of a single source," said Jody Bilney, president of consumer markets for Verizon.

"The transformation of the industry that began in the early '80s has left customers confused for too many years," she said. "Now, we want customers to know that Verizon is the one company they can turn to for all their communications needs."

First Campaign to Include Long-Distance Offers

Packages localized to different areas will be offered via an advertising and direct marketing campaign, which plays off the concept that services packaged for the needs of the customer are "how to get life done." Ads will demonstrate the problem-solving power of individual calling features and promote additional communications services, including DSL (digital subscriber line) and Home Voice Mail. In New York and states formerly served by GTE, there also will be ads about the value and ease of getting long-distance service from Verizon.

Many of the long-distance offers include discounts. For example, New York customers can get long-distance service at 8 cents a minute on direct-dialed, interstate and in-state long-distance calls, with no additional monthly fees or minimums, with the purchase of a package. Verizon provides long-distance service in 20 states and is seeking authority to provide it elsewhere.

"This is the first time the Verizon local companies together have integrated products this way," said Bilney. "Verizon Online is offering deals on high-speed Internet access and dial-up service; Verizon Long Distance has deals on its services. Our core packages are versatile and affordable. We're out to show that simplicity and savings together are what consumers can expect from Verizon."

According to Bilney, the campaign also will reintroduce the power of services like Home Voice Mail, Call Waiting ID and others. "Many of our customers are unaware of the tools we offer that can help them manage their lives. A service as simple as Call Forwarding can be a boon to a home-office worker or a soccer parent when they use it to forward calls from home to their wireless phone," she said.

New Web Pages Simplify 'Shopping' the Offer

Besides calling the company's service team for ordering and consultation, customers will have a new tool for shopping the first-quarter offer. Clicking on a special red, white and black "Save Big" banner that will appear on the company's Web site, or going directly to, takes shoppers to a page where they enter their home phone numbers. The system will automatically present details on the promotional offer available in their area.

Customers can register to order on-line. After registration, they can make their selections, and orders will be automatically processed, with confirmations and due-dates delivered via e-mail. To register, customers need to refer to information on their phone bills.

"This e-commerce innovation gives customers a convenient and easy way to order, demonstrating another way we're working to support their lifestyles," Bilney said. "The communication is direct, personalized and quick."

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