Verizon Information Services Expands Print and Online Business

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DENVER - Verizon Information Services President Kathy Harless says printed directories will continue to dominate the yellow pages business for at least the next five years, although online directories will continue to grow rapidly as market leaders such as stay ahead of the technology curve.

"Print yellow pages deliver exactly what consumers are asking for - they are easy to access, simple to use and get the job done," Harless said today in a keynote address to yellow pages industry leaders. "The more we improve print, the better our other products become - it's the tide that raises all ships."

Harless announced that by the end of the year Verizon will launch sales for nine more expansion directories including St. Louis, Nashville, Tenn., and Tacoma, Wash. She noted the company's recent success in expansion markets reinforces its commitment to compete in non-traditional areas and explore new strategies and tools for the yellow pages publisher.

"Let's put the rumors to rest," Harless said. "We are growing our print footprint, and we are in the expansion business to stay."

Harless also stressed that is taking advantage of online growth opportunities by adding Pay For Calls to its pay-for-performance suite and by launching its new Extended Distribution Program.

"Our new programs enable - the most advanced online directory -- to become a search engine marketer for the many businesses that lack expertise to work with individual search engines on their own," she said. "We work with advertisers to place their ads on other major search networks, and this extends the platform by building a better bridge to the Internet."

Harless was a keynote speaker at a conference organized by The Kelsey Group, "Directory Driven Commerce 2005: What is the Future of the Yellow Pages?"

She outlined Verizon Yellow Pages and's aggressive strategy to expand in new markets; lead the Internet yellow pages; and bring value to advertisers across the country.

"I have faith in the future of this business - this original local search business," Harless said. "But, our success is certainly not guaranteed. We have to work for it - in fact, I believe we have to fight for it, as we have been for the past few years."

About Verizon

Verizon Information Services, a division of Verizon Communications Corp. (NYSE: VZ), is the nation's most advanced provider of yellow pages and related shopping information. It has $3.6 billion in revenues from products including: Verizon SuperPages yellow pages; Verizon (, the nation's best Internet directory and a leading online shopping resource; and the SuperPages On the Go information directory offered through Verizon Wireless Get It Now services and on other wireless carriers. The company is the largest publisher of Hispanic directories in the U.S. and the first to provide a Hispanic online shopping resource (

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