Verizon to Launch FiOS TV in Herndon, Va.; First Rollout in East

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HERNDON, Va. - The future of television arrives this week in this northern Virginia community, when Verizon unveils Verizon FiOS TV over its revolutionary fiber-optic network here.

Herndon is the second community to date in which Verizon is offering FiOS TV. The service debuted Sept. 22 in Keller, Texas, and customer sales there have been strong. Verizon plans to make FiOS TV available in the future in other communities in Virginia and across the company's service territory.

Information on packages and prices is available at Herndon-area customers also can call 1-800-964-3194 to see if they're able to order FiOS TV.

"FiOS TV gives customers an outstanding, superior alternative for their video entertainment," said Bob Ingalls, president of Verizon's Retail Markets Group. "Customers who liked what FiOS did for their Internet connection will love what it does for their TV. We've harnessed the speed and capacity of fiber-based broadband with the power of broadcast to create a revolutionary, new entertainment experience."

FiOS TV is designed to be a formidable competitor to cable and satellite. It is delivered over Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises network, which has industry-leading quality and reliability. Fiber delivers amazingly sharp pictures and sound, and has the capacity to transmit a wide array of high-definition programming that is so clear and intense it seems to leap from the TV screen. Verizon's network design includes backup facilities not common to traditional cable systems, such as duplicate "head ends" where the TV service receives national programming. (More information about FiOS TV and fiber optics is available in Verizon's online News Center at

FiOS TV uses both broadcast technology to deliver scheduled programming and Internet protocol technology for on-demand viewing. Internet protocol television, or IPTV, uses the same protocols to deliver video as the Internet uses to transmit data. While others talk about IPTV, Verizon has deployed it commercially, and the company plans additional IP-based services in the future. Verizon also uses IP for its Interactive Programming Guide, which makes searching for listings easy and fast.

Service highlights include:

  • A broad collection of all-digital programming and compelling consumer choice - with more than 330 total channels now and more on the way.

  • A lead offer with more than 180 digital video and music channels, for $39.95 a month. Subscribers to this tier in Herndon and future FiOS TV markets in the region will also receive Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, home of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

  • More than 20 high-definition channels, with extraordinary clarity and theater-quality sound.

  • More than 1,110 video-on-demand titles available to customers now, with 1,800 by year-end.

  • Channels grouped by genres such as entertainment, sports, news, shopping, movies and family, making it easy for audiences to find their favorite programming.

  • An easy-to-use interactive programming guide that integrates HD programming, video-on-demand and the digital video recorder along with broadcast television into a seamless user experience.

  • A dual-tuner DVR that gives customers the freedom to pause and rewind live TV, record one show while watching another, and fast forward to their favorite part of the program - all without a VCR, tapes or DVDs.

Following the service rollout in Herndon, Verizon will expand FiOS TV to additional households in Virginia and other states where, under current law, the company has obtained video franchises from local governments. In Virginia, Verizon has obtained franchises in Fairfax County and Fairfax City. The company also has video franchises with municipalities in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Texas.

In addition, under a new Texas law, Verizon has obtained a state-issued franchise that allows the company to accelerate the rollout of FiOS TV - and video choice - to consumers there.

FiOS TV subscribers can choose from three simple-to-understand service offerings, each with built-in choice and value. They can then choose from packages and premium channels with programming that meets their special interests. Verizon offers three set-top boxes: standard definition for $3.95 per month; high definition, which includes HD channels, for $9.95 per month; and a digital video recorder set-top box with HD channels for $12.95 per month.

The services include:

  • Basic, with access to 15-39 local broadcast weather and community channels for $12.95 per month. The service is digital with a set-top box, which also provides access to on-demand programming. Basic is also available as an analog service that does not require a set-top box for viewing.

  • Expanded Basic, Verizon's lead offer, delivers more than 180 video and music channels for $39.95 a month. This tier includes access to more than 1,110 on-demand titles now, with 1,800 by year-end. This service requires a standard-definition set-top box or a high-definition set-top box for HD channels, which are included in this tier at no extra charge.

  • La Conexión, an alternative to Expanded Basic service designed for bilingual consumers who enjoy TV programs in English and Spanish, for $32.95 per month. The package includes nearly 140 channels with English and Spanish-language programming and access to video on demand. This service requires a standard-definition set-top box or a high-definition set-top box for HD channels, which are included in this tier at no extra charge.

Consumers with a passion for sports or movies can add a 15-channel sports package for $5.95 a month, and a movie package -- with 45 channels of Starz, Encore, Showtime and The Movie Channel -- for $11.95 a month. The movie package includes access to each channel's video-on-demand titles. Or, they can buy both for $14.95 a month. In addition, for wrestling fans, Verizon offers World Wrestling Entertainment's WWE 24/7, a new subscription video-on-demand service, for $7.95 a month.

Verizon also offers 14 HBO channels and 12 Cinemax channels as premium services, with each set of channels available for $14.95. The price includes access to each channel's subscription video-on-demand library. Subscribers who want both HBO and Cinemax will pay $24.95 per month.

Programming choices for African-American, Asian, Russian and other multicultural and ethnic audiences will be available in every market. Because FiOS TV has so much capacity, it will also be an outlet for emerging and independent networks to showcase their diverse programming.

FiOS TV also offers thousands of hours of on-demand programming, including hundreds of titles of free video-on-demand programs across topics such as sports, news, information and education, home and leisure, family, children's shows and movies. Customers can order new movie releases for $3.95 each and selections from a movie library for $2.95 each.

The value of FiOS TV extends to the installation and customer support. Specially trained Verizon technicians will install the service and acquaint subscribers with FiOS TV features and services. Verizon is waiving the installation fee for up to three existing TV outlets, and there is no charge to install a needed optical network terminal at the subscriber's home. Charges for other installation services, such as additional outlets, may apply. Verizon provides 24x7 technical assistance by phone from its Fiber Solutions Centers in Hampton, Va., and other cities.

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ), a Dow 30 company, is a leader in delivering broadband and other communication innovations to wireline and wireless customers. Verizon operates America's most reliable wireless network, serving 49.3 million customers nationwide, and one of the nation's premier wireline networks, serving home, business and wholesale customers in 28 states. Based in New York, Verizon has a diverse workforce of nearly 215,000 and generates annual revenues of more than $71 billion from four business segments: Domestic Telecom, Domestic Wireless, Information Services and International. For more information, visit


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