Verizon Launches New Ad Campaign to Introduce FiOS Internet Services to the Asian Market in the Greater D.C. Area

WASHINGTON - As part of a large-scale marketing effort, Verizon today launched a new print ad campaign, targeted to the Asian market in the greater D.C. area, for FiOS Internet Service. The company's all-fiber-optic broadband access service provides breathtaking broadband speeds of up to 30 Mbps (megabits per second), many times faster than traditional cable services.

"We're bringing the next generation of broadband services to this area, and we want everyone to know about it," said Jeff McFarland, director of multicultural communications for Verizon. "At speeds of up to 30 Mbps, our customers can download a 1.2 gigabit or 90-minute standard-definition movie in just 5.3 minutes.  By contrast, at the 3-5 Mbps speeds offered by most cable companies, it would take more than 30 minutes to around an hour to download a movie that size."

The new print ads, developed in Chinese and Korean, feature a laughing youngster, dressed in an astronaut suit and floating in his bedroom, with fiber-optic points of light surrounding him and connecting him to his computer. The ads -- with the tagline, "Light! The new Internet world delivered" -- will run in Chinese- and Korean-language publications.

"The concept of the ads is lightning-fast Internet connections," said Clare Fang, group manager of multicultural communications for Verizon. "Our Asian customers are constantly looking for the best way to connect with their loved ones at home or abroad; the latest news and information; the most powerful educational tools for their children; and immediate access to today's hottest games.

"The ads convey the message that even research on the Internet becomes more enjoyable and will provide a more exciting learning experience for the family at these speeds. This is only one of the many features that FiOS can offer you and your family," she said.

Verizon's FiOS Internet services are delivered over its new fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network, a technology utilizing fiber-optic connections - instead of copper wire - directly into homes and businesses to enable a broad array of voice, data, and video applications. 

The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council announced recently that Verizon has earned the council's first certification for a network that provides fiber all the way to customers' homes and offices.

"FiOS is setting the new standard for consumer and small-business broadband services in America," said William R. Roberts, president of Verizon Maryland. "Customers who already subscribe to FiOS services are astounded at what they now can do with their online experience. Video chats and conferencing, purchased digital movie downloads and interactive multi-player games have become a part of their daily lives."

Verizon offers three tiers of downloading options for FiOS Internet Service -- 5 Mbps, 15 Mbps and 30 Mbps -- starting at $34.95 per month.  The most popular package is 15 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream at $44.95 a month with a one-year agreement or as part of a calling package, or stand-alone for $49.95 a month.

All Verizon FiOS Internet packages include free installation for a customer's primary computer; wireless router; 24/7 live technical support; the choice of Verizon Yahoo! or MSN Premium service; 30-day money-back guarantee; 9 e-mail accounts; and access to a variety of video, music, games and other entertainment services through Verizon's Broadband Beat online entertainment center.

Residential customers who want to determine whether they can order FiOS Internet Service can call 888-GET FIOS (888-438-3467) or visit Verizon's FiOS's in-language Web sites.  Chinese-speaking customers can visit verizon.com/fios/chinese, and Korean-speaking customers can visit verizon.com/fios/korean. Small-business customers can call 877- FIOS BIZ (877-346-7249) to determine if they qualify for FiOS Internet Service for Business, or visit verizon.com/fiosinternet for more information and current promotions.

Over the years, Verizon has been a strong supporter of Asian communities around the country, a role exemplified further by Verizon's recent sponsorship of Asian film festivals in New York City and Washington.  For more information about Verizon, visit www.verizon.com

* NOTE: Actual (throughput) speeds will vary.

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