Verizon Poised to Deliver First Set of Services to Customers Over Its Fiber-to-the-Premises Network

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NEW YORK - Verizon customers in Keller, Texas, soon will be the first to receive groundbreaking high-speed Internet services over Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network. The company is raising the bar on consumer broadband today by introducing data speeds of up to 30 megabits-per-second (Mbps) in Keller later this summer and in other markets later this year. Prices start at $34.95 per month.

The company also announced additional fiber deployments that are under way in California and Florida.

The new suite of fiber-optic services will be called Verizon Fiossm (FYE-ose). FTTP technology utilizes fiber-optic connections - instead of copper wire - directly into homes and businesses to enable a broad array of voice, data and video applications.

Fios consists of three consumer Internet access services. At 30 Mbps, the fastest data service is ten times faster than consumer broadband speeds typically available today. Entry and mid-level services at speeds of 5 Mbps and 15 Mbps also beat the speeds and prices of today's consumer broadband.

"Fios will set the new standard for consumer broadband services in America," said Bob Ingalls, president of Verizon's Retail Markets group. "Our customers will be amazed at the online world that Fios opens to them, as it can make applications like video chat and conferencing, digital movie downloads, and interactive multi-player games a part of their daily lives."

Ingalls added that Verizon is using the most advanced technology to deliver downstream and upstream speeds that will give customers truly interactive, two-way broadband capabilities.

"The Internet is an increasingly interactive place where quickly sending information is just as important as quickly receiving it," he said. "From uploading multi-megabit e-mails with photo attachments, to using voice-over-IP services or interacting with the office from home, Fios will give customers unprecedented speed, efficiency and productivity at very competitive prices."

Each Fios service is available either as part of a bundle of local and long-distance calling services from Verizon or as a stand-alone Internet access service. The company plans a Fios video offering to give consumers an alternative to cable TV in 2005.

Maximum connection speeds and pricing for Fios consumer services are:

  • 5 Mbps/2 Mbps for $34.95 a month as part of a calling package, or $39.95 a month stand-alone

  • 15 Mbps/2 Mbps for $44.95 a month as part of a calling package, or $49.95 a month stand-alone

  • 30 Mbps/5 Mbps at pricing to be announced later

"In addition to an outstanding array of high-speed access options, we will provide our customers with a first-class installation experience, where a Verizon technician visits the home, sets up the connection and configures the service for you," said Ingalls.

Each consumer data offer includes the suite of services currently available to Verizon Online DSL customers at no additional charge, including: MSN Premium content; Verizon's new Broadband Beat entertainment portal optimized for high-speed access featuring news games, streaming video and more; up to nine e-mail accounts with 30 megabytes (MB) of storage for the primary account and an additional 10 MB for each sub-account; address book and calendar; 10 MB personal Web space and a Web site building tool; and access to newsgroups.

Verizon Expands FTTP Deployment in California and Florida

Verizon also has begun building its FTTP network in parts of California, Florida and Texas:

  • In California, Verizon plans to pass about 100,000 homes and businesses with FTTP technology in the Huntington Beach area and in other parts of Southern California.

  • In Florida, Verizon plans to pass about 100,000 homes and businesses with FTTP technology in the Tampa area and parts of Hillsborough County.

  • In Texas, Verizon plans to pass 100,000 homes in part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, including Keller, which was announced by the company in May.

Verizon intends to pass 1 million homes and businesses in parts of nine states with fiber by the end of the year.

"Thousands of people can now see for themselves that fiber from Verizon is coming down their streets and heading straight for their doors, and the excitement in these communities is building," said Paul Lacouture, president of Verizon's Network Services group.

"Our approach to FTTP recognizes that broadband is a truly interactive technology, with upstream capabilities playing just as key a role in consumers' online activities as downstream speeds," Lacouture added. "This is in contrast to other providers' plans that focus primarily on one-way entertainment applications that meet more limited, short-term customer needs. Our FTTP deployment will help ensure that our network meets customers' needs today and supports any imaginable requirement that could evolve tomorrow. It will transform the way customers think about and use communications, information and entertainment services."

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