Verizon Praises White House Cyberspace Policy Review

WASHINGTON - The White House today released the Cyberspace Policy Review, summarizing the findings of input from industry, academia, liberty and privacy communities, state governments, international partners, and the legislative and executive branches.  The following statement should be attributed to Peter Davidson, Verizon senior vice president of federal government relations:

"The White House Cyberspace Policy Review outlines the way to strengthen the digital infrastructure that all Americans depend upon.  President Obama and his administration recognize the key role that industry will have in working with the government to ensure a secure, reliable and trustworthy cyber infrastructure.

"We are pleased that cybersecurity is a priority for the Obama Administration, and we are committed to working with the president on this important issue.  Working together in a collaborative fashion, government and industry can better ensure that America's information and communications infrastructure is trusted, resilient and secure.

"Verizon's cybersecurity teams are known around the world as the authority on investigative response, computer-security product testing and evaluation, and analysis of data collected on new vulnerabilities and threats.  Many of our experts provided valuable insight into operational, technical and policy issues in support of this review, and we will continue to work with the White House to exchange innovative ideas for improving the safety and security of cyberspace."