Verizon Reminds Parents, College-Bound Students to Invest in Computer, Internet Security Software

Parents and college students beginning the task of stocking up on campus essentials should not forget protection of irreplaceable computer files and systems.  An easy way to help protect irreplaceable data is with the Verizon Internet Security Suite and the Verizon Online Backup & Sharing service.

VISS updates automatically ever three hours and protects against viruses and malware while students are online in dorm rooms or at Wi-Fi hotspots around town or on campus. 

Another service, Verizon's Online Backup & Sharing (VOBS), can preserve vital files such as course papers or digital photos or videos that become lifelong college memories.  Students also can use the VOBS service to share these snapshots and snippets of their college life with family and far-flung friends.

"As parents and students make investments in their futures with tuition and other college expenses, they should also invest in protection from possible online attacks on students' PCs and make sure they back up critical documents and other important files," said Bill Heilig, Verizon vice president of corporate marketing.

Students do not have to be Verizon Internet subscribers to use these valuable services, but a discount is available to Verizon customers who include VISS and VOBS with their bundles of Verizon Internet, TV and voice services.

Earlier this year, Verizon announced the addition of Wi-Fi Security and Advance Protection features to its popular VISS online protection service. These new features help protect subscribers from hackers, eavesdroppers and other security threats associated with unsecured wireless networks and hot spots.

VISS, which was recognized in April by Info Security Products Guide as one of the best Internet security products worldwide, also offers as part of its security lineup:

  • Virus Protection: Automatically safeguards customers from viruses, worms and Trojans. Simple to use, it offers automatic scans, updates and quarantines resulting in fewer support calls and a more secure network.

  • Spyware Protection: Detects and quarantines spyware before it attacks a PC. The service is automatically configured, updated and maintained.

  • Fraud Protection: Combats identity theft attacks and fraudulent campaigns conducted by e-mail, instant messaging (IM), blogs and Web hijacking techniques.

  • Firewall: Blocks unauthorized intrusions, malicious hackers and other hostile access attempts from both incoming and outgoing connections, with fully managed, automatically updated and customized firewall rules.

  • Parental Controls: A secure, easy-to-use content-filtering program that allows parents to prevent their children from accessing web sites parents decide are inappropriate for their children and also manage the use of online applications and the amount of time children spend online.

  • PC Tune-Up: Offers subscribers a superior customer experience and maximized computer and Internet performance. With a full range of disk cleanup and optimization features such as defragmenting files, the service automatically improves system operation on a regular basis.

  • Pop-up & Ad Blocker: Helps ensure a faster and less cluttered browsing experience by blocking online ads such as pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, animations and tile ads.

  • Privacy Manager: Scans all outgoing communications for sensitive or identifying user information to help prevent its release without consent. It also provides control over how much information Web sites record about browsing habits, as well as a cleanup utility to automatically remove data traces left by browsers and programs.

VOBS helps broadband users to quickly set up online storage, easily store files from their personal computers, and conveniently share documents or photos with friends, family or business associates.

The VOBS service features a convenient drag-and-drop sharing tool and an easier, automated storage mechanism to help prevent loss of crucial data and photo files.

Verizon customers signing up for bundles of Internet, TV and voice service are eligible for a $2-a-month discount when they combine VISS and VOBS with their bundles.  For $8.99 a month, the customers will get the highly rated online security software coverage for up to three PCs, laptops or netbooks and can access to up to five gigabytes of online backup and sharing storage space.

While supplies last, Verizon also is offering a free Compaq Mini netbook or an Ultra Flip camcorder for certain bundles of FiOS Internet, FiOS TV and Freedom Essentials voice service, as well as certain bundles of Verizon High Speed Internet and Freedom Essentials voice service.  Either the netbook or camcorder could serve as an important tool for college students to enhance and record their campus experiences.

Further information about the current Verizon offers and such essential services as VISS and VOBS is available at www.verizon.com.

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