Verizon Service Packages Help Attract 416,000 Broadband and Nearly 219,000 Video Customers in First Quarter

NEW YORK -- More and more customers are choosing Verizon packages of voice, Internet and TV as they shop for convenient and money-saving communications services.  Sales of calling packages alone are up nearly 30 percent over last year to more than 8 million landline customers.  Many of these customers are also adding Internet and entertainment services from Verizon.

Packages are also driving Verizon product growth.  In the first quarter of 2007, Verizon added more than 416,000 broadband customers and served nearly 1 million TV customers.  Verizon now serves about 348,000 homes with FiOS TV, carried by fiber optics all the way to the home, and about 620,000 customers with DIRECTV all-digital entertainment services.  DIRECTV is an industry-leading all-digital satellite entertainment service. 

But Verizon's appeal is not just product packages, according to John Wimsatt, senior vice president of marketing for Verizon.

"Customers anticipate value and convenience from combination offers, and with Verizon, they're signing up for Verizon's high-value packages backed by our superior network and world-class customer service," he said.

"We keep reminding customers that 'It's the Network' that differentiates our service," Wimsatt said.  "The Verizon networks and services are second to none in sophistication and dependability, and our new one-of-a-kind fiber network straight into the home is unequalled by any other provider." 

Verizon, which in January led the market with a series of six offers including a four-service package that folds in Verizon Wireless service, just introduced packages featuring improved all-digital DIRECTV service.  Consumers now can get reliable network-based calling, broadband Internet and DIRECTV's industry-leading DIRECTV PLUS DVRTM service in new two- and three-service bundles.  The DIRECTV PLUS DVR service comes with 185 channels of all-digital TV, 68 channels of XM Satellite Radio music and a free digital video recorder. 

Verizon Double Freedom links Verizon's popular Freedom Essentials calling plan with the new DIRECTV offer for $69.99 to $79.99 a month for existing phone customers.  Verizon Triple Freedom -- combining Freedom Essentials, Verizon High Speed Internet at 3 megabits per second (Mbps) and the new DIRECTV PLUS DVR offer -- is available at $94.99 to $104.99 a month for existing Verizon customers. New customers may be eligible for additional savings.

"The six new bundles have been very popular with customers, and the enhanced DIRECTV service will be an additional draw for consumers," Wimsatt said.

Verizon also has developed new packages featuring FiOS Internet and FiOS TV products.  The FiOS all-fiber-optic services are now being introduced in parts of 16 states.

The new FiOS two-service and three-service packages are being offered with one- and two-year commitments.

In a two-service package, customers now can purchase the Freedom Essentials calling plan with FiOS Internet service at 5 Mbps downstream.  The three-service bundle adds FiOS TV Premier to the package, where FiOS TV is available.   

The FiOS packages are being introduced in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Texas, Indiana and Oregon. 

FiOS packages in New York, New Jersey and Florida include calling and FiOS Internet at 20 Mbps downstream, and three-service packages offer calling, FiOS Internet and FiOS TV Premier.

Monthly savings on the bundles range from $5 to $25 for the 12- and 24-month two-service bundles and from $13 to $43 on the 12- and 24-month three-service bundles.

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ), headquartered in New York, is a leader in delivering broadband and other wireline and wireless communication innovations to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers.  Verizon Wireless operates America's most reliable wireless network, serving 60.7 million customers nationwide.  Verizon's Wireline operations include Verizon Business, which delivers innovative and seamless business solutions to customers around the world, and Verizon Telecom, which brings customers the benefits of converged communications, information and entertainment services over the nation's most advanced fiber-optic network.  A Dow 30 company, Verizon has a diverse workforce of more than 238,000 and last year generated consolidated operating revenues of more than $88 billion.  For more information, visit www.verizon.com.