Verizon Statement on FCC Discussions on Internet Regulation

The Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday (Aug.5) that it has ended a round of discussions with a number of companies and organizations on Internet regulation.  The following statement should be attributed to Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president for public affairs, policy and communications:

"I am grateful to FCC Chief of Staff Eddie Lazarus, his team and the negotiators for their serious effort to reach consensus on a sound public policy framework for the broadband Internet ecosystem.  The FCC talks made good progress toward consensus on a number of points.

"As in any policy debate, there needs to be a balance, which means that all participants should work to find common ground.  We will continue to work with the FCC, Congress and all interested parties to find a solution that ensures that: (1) the Internet remains open and provides consumers with the Web experiences they want, and (2) investment remains robust so that broadband is the premier platform for innovation for the next decade."