Verizon Statement on FCC Net Neutrality Notice

The FCC on Wednesday (Sept. 1) issued a public notice seeking comment on net neutrality/reclassification. The following is a statement by Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president of public affairs, policy and communications:

"Verizon continues to work with policymakers and other interested parties to develop a responsible policy that puts consumers in charge of their Internet experience.  As the Federal Communications Commission gathers more information, the evidence will demonstrate that consumers are best served by a policy that promotes innovation and encourages investment, while ensuring that open Internet principles for wireline broadband are enforced on a case-by-case basis.  That is the foundation for the policy recommendations recently made by Google and Verizon. 

"We are encouraged that the FCC is seeking additional information before acting on the net neutrality issue.  At the same time, it remains clear that whatever action the FCC takes will be clouded by legal uncertainty until the Congress enacts legislation that spells out the authority of the FCC and establishes a broadband policy."