Verizon Statement on FCC's National Broadband Plan

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to deliver the National Broadband Plan to Congress Tuesday (March 16).   The chairman released a summary of the plan Monday (March 15).  The following is a statement by Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president for public affairs, policy and communications:

"Verizon strongly supports the emphasis in the National Broadband Plan on the deployment of broadband facilities and adoption by all Americans.  To that end, we are encouraged by the call to reform the policies that subsidize some companies' telecommunications services so the policies are focused on the technologies of the 21st century.  The plan also properly focuses on identifying the barriers to swift deployment and adoption and proposing recommendations to remove or overcome those barriers.   

"The plan correctly notes that government is a major purchaser of services and can be a catalyst for using broadband to reform the health care delivery system, improve energy conservation, preserve the environment, and promote the use of broadband technology to advance education. 

"Chairman Genachowski; Blair Levin, the executive director of the National Broadband Taskforce; and the commission staff should be commended for comprehensively addressing the array of broadband issues and developing a coherent plan. 

"Now comes the hard part: achieving the vision articulated in this plan.  Verizon will review the plan when text is available, and continue to work closely and cooperatively with the FCC and Congress to help meet the nation's broadband policy goals.  It is clear that virtually all of these important goals will be achieved through private investment.  So it is important that the policies enacted encourage investment and innovation across the Internet ecosystem."