Verizon Supports FCC Chairman's Call for National, Interoperable Public Safety Network

Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president for public affairs, policy and communications, issued the following statement on Wednesday (March 10) about a policy matter likely to be addressed in the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Plan due to Congress on March 17:

"Verizon supports Chairman Genachowski's recommendation to construct a nationwide, interoperable, broadband network for public safety.  The nation's police officers, fire fighters, and EMS technicians must have access to advanced broadband capabilities and networks that will ensure a high level of reliability and priority.  The chairman's proposal would promote such a nationwide network by funding the deployment and operation of regional public safety broadband networks, providing a national framework to ensure these networks are interoperable across the country, and enabling public safety to partner with commercial providers to leverage the considerable investments already made in commercial infrastructure.

"Verizon reiterates its continued support, however, for a reallocation of the 700 MHz 'D block' to public safety.  This reallocation would ensure the long term viability of the commission's plan by providing public safety entities with access to sufficient spectrum and direct control over its use.

"Verizon looks forward to working with the commission to ensure effective solutions are developed to address public safety's need for reliable and interoperable broadband communications and to address other important issues in the National Broadband Plan."