Verizon Wireless Donates $5,000 to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

Verizon Wireless Donates $5,000 to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

Charitable Donation Extends Wireless Company's Nationwide Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts to the Inland Empire

November 7, 2001




Verizon Wireless, a recognized leader for its domestic violence awareness campaign, has donated $5,000 to the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. The funds will be used to purchase a digital camera, PC color scanner and laser printer that will help the hospital's Child Protection Team quickly report cases of child abuse to law enforcement agencies.

"When children are abused, especially physically, the medical evidence can be very compelling and instrumental in getting the child protected and justice done to the perpetrator," said Reiner S. Roeske, Children's Hospital Director. "There is an urgent need for quick and decisive action. The sooner investigating agencies see what is really going on, the sooner they can respond appropriately."

"Domestic violence is an epidemic that devastates families, friends and neighbors everywhere," said Greg Klimek, regional president for Verizon Wireless. "Verizon Wireless is committed to giving back to the communities it serves and has dedicated its resources to both the prevention of domestic violence and the life rebuilding process. That is why we are pleased to support this valuable, community-oriented program serving local residents."

Under the current report system, if the Child Protection team takes photos of injuries, it is several days before the prints are developed and usually a few more to get copies made. The hospital cannot include them in its initial reports, so the investigator must rely on the dry medical description.

"There is no way that a sentence such as '...there is a black eye on the right and a probable bite mark on the cheek...' has the same impact as photos of injuries and the distress of a child," added Roeske. "Similarly, one could say the child has a broken arm or leg, but with the scanner we will be able to scan the actual X-ray and incorporate it into the report, and an investigator will be able to see the broken bones for themselves. We are grateful to Verizon Wireless for providing funds that will enable us to provide powerful and compelling evidence needed to protect local children."

The computer supplies will also be used to develop valuable training materials on child abuse that will be presented to the public to increase awareness of the problems children face and to professionals responsible for protecting children.

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