Verizon Wireless Expand Digital Service Wyoming County

Verizon Wireless Expand Digital Service Wyoming County

New CDMA Digital Service Will Provide Better Call Clarity
and Advanced Wireless Services

March 15, 2001



Verizon Wireless has introduced digital wireless service to Wyoming County by adding code division multiple access (CDMA) digital technology to its Warsaw and Castile cell sites.

CDMA digital wireless technology provides wireless users with greater call clarity and security, longer battery life and talk time, and the ability to use advanced wireless services such as Internet access and text messaging.

"With this significant wireless network upgrade, we're providing our local business and consumer customers with the technology and capabilities they've been asking for, " said Tracy Nolan, president of Verizon Wireless' Upstate New York region. " Digital service subscribers will notice an immediate difference in the quality of their calls and longer battery life."

CDMA digital wireless service transmits calls as a series of binary ones and zeroes for crystal-clear communication, as opposed to continuous radio waves transmitted by analog service, and each call is encoded for superior wireless security. CDMA digital handsets transmit at much lower power levels than analog handsets for significantly longer battery life and talk time, and users have the ability to access the Internet and send a text message from their digital wireless phone.

Verizon Wireless offers a variety of digital wireless handsets and service plans, including the DigitalChoice® 300 plan for $39.99 monthly access. For wireless Internet access, users can subscribe to Mobile Web just $6.95 a month. Mobile MessengerSM two-way short messaging customers can "pay as they go " at a cost of just 2 cents for each message received and 10 cents for each message sent. Or, for higher usage levels, pay as little as $2.99 per month for 100 received or sent messages.