Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Office For An Easy, Reliable Wireless Connection To The Internet

Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Office For An Easy, Reliable Wireless Connection To The Internet

New Service Makes Wireless Handset a Dual-Purpose Device

April 2, 2001

Mobile Office



Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless provider, today launched Mobile Office-a service that allows customers to use their data-capable wireless handset to dial in to their company network or Internet Service Provider (ISP.) Mobile Office is the latest offering by Verizon Wireless that gives its customers yet another choice in how they wish to stay connected and be accessible to information when they are on-the-go.

Mobile Office, included in all Verizon Wireless digital service plans, gives customers the ability to access personal and company information through a laptop computer or personal digital assistant (PDA.) The Mobile Office kit, affordably priced at $69.99, includes:

  • Cable to connect a wireless handset to a laptop computer
  • Software that configures a computer to use Mobile Office
  • Adapter to connect to a PDA
  • Quick 2 NetSM, a feature that allows users to connect to the Internet in less than 10 seconds without the need for a separate ISP account
  • Fourelle's VenturiTM compression software, which allows for speeds up to 28.8 Kbps, enhancing Quick 2 NetSM performance for Internet browsing, downloading e-mail and transferring files
  • Smith Micro's QuickLink MobileTM software, which checks the size of e-mail messages before downloading.

"Mobile Office is yet another option Verizon Wireless is giving its customers to stay connected. With Mobile Office, we now offer four ways to stay in touch wirelessly-Mobile Web, Mobile Messenger and our recently introduced Smartphone," said Gary Schulman, president of the Wireless Data & Internet Division. "Given that Verizon Wireless has the most extensive digital network coverage coast-to-coast, our customers can stay connected virtually anywhere."

Mobile Office, available today in each of the company's 1,400 Communications Stores or by calling 1-888-466-4646, is one of the simplest ways to stay connected using wireless technology since there is no need to find a phone jack when on the road and no need to purchase a modem, given that the user's wireless handset acts as a modem. Since Mobile Office is included in digital service plans, there is no additional monthly access fee. Customers use plan minutes when accessing Mobile Office, so there is no need to track a separate bundle of minutes-using Mobile Office is just like making a voice call.

The Mobile Office kit is currently available for the Motorola StarTAC and the Kyocera 2035a and customers can purchase the Mobile Office kit through the Verizon Wireless Online Store at www.verizonwireless.com, with no charge for shipping. The Web site (www.verizonwireless.com/mobileoffice) has detailed service and handset requirement information; answers to commonly asked questions; easy-to-follow steps for installing Mobile Office; operating system-specific user guides; and tips on getting connected.