Verizon Wireless to Showcase Data Technology on Cyber Barge During Opsail 2000 Celebration

Verizon Wireless to Showcase Data Technology on Cyber Barge During Opsail 2000 Celebration

2,400 OpSail Cadets Will Connect to the Internet via Verizon Wireless' Data Network

June 23, 2000

June 23, 2000-PHILADELPHIA -

Verizon Wireless, formerly Bell Atlantic Mobile, will showcase data technology on "Cyber Barge" during the OpSail 2000 celebration to be held June

23 through June 29 in Philadelphia. Docked in the marina basin area of Philadelphia's Penn's

Landing, "Cyber Barge" will feature Verizon Wireless' Web Access service, providing Internet

access for the more than 2,400 sail training cadets and crew members on board the more than

24 large sailing vessels from around the world taking part in OpSail 2000. Philadelphia is the

only stop on the OpSail 2000 tour of the east coast of the United States to

host a Cyber Barge. OpSail 2000 promises to be one of the largest maritime events in the history

of the Delaware River port.

The Cyber Barge, a 100' x 32' floating barge, will feature 12 walk-up stations equipped with

wireless enabled laptops. According to Nick Zemlachenko, regional director for Verizon Wireless,

"the Cyber Barge will utilize the latest wireless data technology to make possible instantaneous

communication. We will establish an OpSail 2000 email account for each walk-up station, allowing

the cadets and crew members to email family and friends about their visit to historic Philadelphia. Its user-friendly

environment is set-up for easy access to email." The facility will be used exclusively by OpSail

2000's training cadets and crew members each day from 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. from June 24 through June

29. In addition, Cyber Barge will be manned by Verizon Wireless' technical staff who will provide

technical assistance for the users.

In addition, Verizon will provide users with access to a Wireless ATM. The ATM also uses the

company's wireless data network, and operates without a landline connection.

Zemlachenko added, "The Cyber Barge Internet service is part of Verizon Wireless' Web Access

family of services." Verizon Wireless provides access to its wireless data services through its

existing network infrastructure, which supports its high-quality voice services.

The very same frequencies and towers which Verizon Wireless uses for its voice service also

are used to operate this data technology. The network utilizes a worldwide standard called

Internet Protocol (IP) which is accessible by using a wireless modem. This network provides the

same reliable and secure network access as a landline connection.

Verizon Wireless' family of Web Access services are available beginning at $9.95 a month, in

addition to a customer's voice plan. Web Access Internet Plus is $39.95 a month, and includes

access to the Internet, intranets and an e-mail account.

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