Verizon Withdraws Application for Cable Franchise in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, Del. - Verizon today withdrew the application for a cable franchise it had submitted to the Wilmington City Council on Nov. 20, 2008.  The following statement may be attributed to William R. Allan, president of Verizon Delaware.

"Verizon's proposal to bring competition for cable TV service to Wilmington residents is one that is fair and reasonable - with an aggressive commitment to make FiOS TV available to all city residents within five years; delivery and financial support of education and governmental channels; thorough and appropriate customer-service commitments and more. 

"However, it has become obvious that - after months of negotiations and numerous concessions by Verizon - the parties could not agree on terms that would enable Verizon to compete effectively and serve customers in Wilmington - something we have been able to do successfully with more than 1,300 franchising authorities across the country.

"We regret having to withdraw our application.  We value our Wilmington customers, and we were eager to bring them a competitive choice for their cable TV."