Verizon's Green Initiatives Recognized in Environmental Defense Fund's Innovations Review 2009

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. - Verizon's initiatives to save energy, reduce costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions will be among the initiatives highlighted in the Environmental Defense Fund's Innovations Review 2009: Green Advances for a New Economy.

The EDF will unveil its 2009 review Tuesday (April 21) at its panel at Fortune's Brainstorm Green Conference here. Kathryn C. Brown, Verizon senior vice president of public policy development and corporate responsibility, is one of three corporate leaders scheduled to take part in the panel discussion. The other leaders are Fedele Bauccio, chief executive officer, Bon Appétit Management Co.; and  Kevin Hagen, director of corporate social responsibility, REI.
"Environmental innovation is a powerful way to create business value," said Gwen Ruta, vice president of corporate partnerships at the Environmental Defense Fund. "These innovations tackle today's environmental and economic challenges head-on - improving the planet and the bottom line at the same time.  We hope that they serve as useful models, inspire further innovation and continue to redefine business as usual."  

Verizon initiatives highlighted in the EDF's Innovations Review are:

  • Use of power management software. This initiative, which uses computer software that automatically senses when computers are not in use and puts them in "sleep" mode, is expected to deliver $7 million in annual savings. By fully activating this software on its computers, Verizon could achieve energy savings equivalent to the energy needed to light nearly 88,000 homes.

  • Thin Client usage. Verizon has installed energy-efficient "thin client" computers in 17 Verizon Wireless call centers. The thin clients allow users to access centrally stored programs and software, instead of storing programs on individual computers. The use of thin clients, which require less power and generate less heat than full workstations, has reduced energy usage by 30 percent. Also, thin clients require fewer manufacturing materials, and have a longer life span and a lower failure rate.

"Verizon's power-management project is a simple but powerful example of how technology can help both the environment and the bottom line," Brown said. "We're also proud of the wide range of customer applications, from teleworking to smart electrical grids, all of which rely on broadband technology, made possible by Verizon's advanced wireline and wireless networks."
Innovations featured in the review were vetted by the EDF and a distinguished panel of experts from the fields of environmental science, law and finance. The final selection comprises 15 innovations from around the country. Each innovation was evaluated for environmental benefits, business benefits, replicability and innovativeness.

The Innovations Review also highlights two innovations by the EDF and its corporate partners: a Green Portfolio project developed by the EDF and private equity firm KKR, and Climate Corps, a program that uses interns to develop energy-efficiency investment plans for major corporations.  The Innovations Review is part of the EDF's broader effort to foster collaboration on corporate environmental innovation through the organization's recently launched Innovation Exchange. Details on all the innovations, as well as multimedia clips, are at available at www.innovation.edf.org.

For more information on the company's environmental initiatives, visit http://newscenter2.verizon.com/kit/green-press-kit/.

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