Verizon's New Corporate Ad Campaign Focuses on Transformation to a Broadband World

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NEW YORK - You're bopping to the music at your favorite concert.

Next, you're careening at breakneck speed in a supercharged race car.

Then, you're dodging jabs from a sweaty prize fighter.

All this while relaxing in your jammies and fuzzy slippers at home.

The feel of the Verizon broadband experience is that good.

Through a series of television commercials, print and Internet ads and a unique Web experience, all of which debut today, Verizon is showing that the company's distinctive set of broadband services can place consumers and businesses in the center of the action, delivering experiences that are, as the theme of the campaign states, "Richer. Deeper. Broader."

The television spots and print ads feature "hyper real" situations to convey the power of the experience. In addition to a robust online campaign featuring traditional, rich media and video banners, the company has created a new broadband Web experience - - a digital documentary where consumers can tell real stories of how a broadband connection enriches their lives.

"Our new corporate advertising campaign signals that there's a new spirit at Verizon," said Jerri DeVard, Verizon senior vice president for Brand Management and Marketing Communications. "The transformation that's going on in homes and living rooms is being driven by a whole new set of broadband Verizon services that bring information, communications and entertainment that is relevant to you - our customer. The experience is unsurpassed. When people think broadband, we want them to think Verizon.

"Three words sum up the campaign and the experience Verizon broadband products provide: 'Richer. Deeper. Broader.' And these describe the broadband life that our customers live, whether they are downloading movies and music, gaming with people across the globe, doing online research, sharing photos with family and friends -- just living their broadband life."

In the mass market, the new Verizon campaign will rotate six television commercials and more than six print executions. The TV ads will be seen on national cable networks, and the print insertions will appear in a series of weekly and monthly magazines. The campaign will run through the end of the year.

The campaign launches with a TV spot entitled "Enlightenment." In it, a paperboy delivers the morning paper to a typical suburban house. After tossing his paper, he rides off, only to be followed by one, then five, then hundreds of boys and girls delivering items ranging from magazines to art, literature, CDs, games and movies. At the end, the house glows with the "enlightenment" it has gained from Verizon broadband.

Said DeVard, "This classic Americana activity, enhanced through a 'hyper-reality,' is emblematic of the power and benefits that Verizon broadband brings to consumers and businesses. It puts you in the center of the action."

The print ads reinforce and expand the broadband experience by bringing the customer even closer to an experiential moment. The ads present a first-person account of the sensations a customer feels while experiencing Verizon's broadband. The individuals pictured in the ads are transformed into the moment.

Online rich media and video banners feature profiles of real people and invite guests to join, an interactive community of broadband enthusiasts from all walks of life. The site becomes a destination enabling guests to create profiles and share rich media (imagery and videos), and hosts the stories of real people, creating an understanding of how broadband is changing the world. In addition to telling their own stories, members can join personal interest groups, such as gaming and parenting, to share their favorite links and advice with other members and to learn new ways that broadband can help them explore their interests even further. Verizon's broadband products and services are also featured on the Web site, as enablers of richer online experiences. The Web site also acts as a portal and link to various exclusive content promotions and events.

Verizon's corporate ad agency, McGarry Bowen, created the mass media campaign, and supporting work was done by Burrell Communications and La Agencia de Orcí & Asociados. The company's interactive marketing agency, R/GA, created the online advertising and Web experience.

"I believe that when customers see Verizon's new advertising, they will see a new personality for the company," DeVard said. Verizon is a company and a brand that stands for providing rewarding experiences, whether online or through TV entertainment. Verizon broadband is relevant to how customers live their lives."

With more than $71 billion in annual revenues, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. Verizon has a diverse work force of 212,000 in four business units: Domestic Telecom provides customers based in 28 states with wireline and other telecommunications services, including broadband. Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 45.5 million voice and data customers across the United States. Information Services operates directory publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services. International includes wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the Americas and Europe. For more information, visit


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