Winter Storm Stops East Coast -- But Not Bell Atlantic Callers

Winter Storm Stops East Coast -- But Not Bell Atlantic Callers

Despite Heavy Weather and Heavy Calling, the Calls
Tuesday and Wednesday Continue To Go Through

As the snowbound all along the East Coast struggled back to normal on
Wednesday, Bell Atlantic customers' phones continued to function for
another day as though nothing unusual had happened. It has been the
area's worst blizzard in decades, but the calls continued to go through
without trouble.

As workers began to return to their offices, shops and plants on
Wednesday, the number of calls built steadily through the day and peaked
in mid-afternoon. For instance, in New Jersey hourly call volumes nearly
doubled from morning to afternoon. Across the region between 8:00AM to
3:00PM Wednesday, Bell Atlantic handled 167.1 million calls.

On Tuesday, despite a third straight day when calling volumes at times
peaked above normal levels, the Bell Atlantic network continued virtually
flawless telephone performance. Across the company's six state region,
almost 362 million calls were placed during the 24 hour period on

More than 97 percent of all calls are being completed on the first try
through the storm and the days of clean up. There were no significant
outages anywhere in the phone network either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just one indication of Bell Atlantic's reliable performance during this
week's blizzard came in New Jersey Monday.

As the snow continued to fall, New Jersey's rail system apparently had
trouble with its internal communications system. Conductors were relying
on Bell Atlantic pay phones to get updates on the rail system's

Network facilities, business offices, operator service centers and other
offices continued to provide quality service, even with their staffs
thinned by difficult travel conditions. Employees on the job were still
camping out at hotels and at their work locations, working extended
shifts, and filling in wherever needed.

Many employees stranded at home were able to continue business as usual
through telecommuting.


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