This Year On SPRG BR8K Stay Connected By Sending Short Text Messages

This Year On "SPRG BR8K" Stay Connected By Sending Short Text Messages

"CU@BCH" or "DON'T WRY," Verizon Wireless Helps Students
Stay Connected with Friends and Family over Spring Break

February 26, 2002




Each spring, millions of college students board planes, trains and automobiles to participate in what has become a ritual event - Spring Break. Eager to celebrate, spring breakers hit the beach or ski slopes looking for fun with their friends. With a wireless phone and Verizon Wireless' expansive nationwide network, staying in touch and making plans is a cinch.

Before leaving for spring break, students can ease mom and dad's concerns by sending a "DONT WRY 2 MCH" short text message (SMS) from a Verizon Wireless phone. Students who leave late to a vacation destination can send "CU2NTE" or "CU-2MORO." Planning to meet friends on the beach? Then send the following message: "CU@BCH" or "HK^@BCH."

Mobile MessengerSM, a two-way SMS service, enables Verizon Wireless customers to send greetings to friends and family from a wireless phone without speaking a word or breaking the bank. Mobile Messenger is fun, fast, discreet and inexpensive.

Messages can be sent from a Verizon Wireless two-way messaging-capable handset or any Internet e-mail address. Instead of calling or text messaging friends separately, students can simultaneously send a text message from Verizon Wireless' new text messaging Web site, www.vtext.com, or www.free2tlk.com, Verizon Wireless' online community for young adults.

Students who are stuck at home for spring break, can send their roommates and classmates messages, such as "HVN' FUN?" or "HOM'S GRT, IT'S ***, TTYL." Before going back to school, students can send "CU@SKOL" or if a plane is delayed, send "RNG L8." To meet for coffee and swap stories when going back to school, students can send friends, "*$'s@1."

Verizon Wireless customers with two-way text messaging-capable phones can just "pay as they go" with Mobile Messenger. Received messages are 2 cents each and sent messages are 10 cents each.

For messaging enthusiasts, the company also offers three Mobile Messenger packages, one priced at $2.99 per month for 100 received or sent messages; a second priced at $3.99 per month for 200 received or sent messages; and the third at $7.99 per month for 600 received or sent messages. Additional messages sent cost just 10 cents each and received messages cost 2 cents per message.

For more information about short text messaging phrases and emoticons, Mobile Messenger two-way short text messaging or text messaging enabled handsets, visit www.free2tlk.com.


SPRG BR8K 02 = Spring Break 2002

CU-N-MX = See you in Mexico

CU-N-HVSU = See you in Havasu

CU@BCH = See you at the beach

CU@NSHRE = See you at the North Shore

HNG 10 = Hang Ten

CU@CSIDE = See you at Seaside

GNG CLUBN' = Going clubbing

CU2NTE = See you tonight

CU@HOM = See you at home

B4 U LEAVE = Before you leave

RNG L8 = Running late

CU 2MORO = See you tomorrow

HK^N-TAHO = Hook up in Tahoe

HK^ @ = Hook up at...

HK^@*$'s L8R = Hook up at Starbucks later

HK^@VGS = Hook up at Las Vegas

HK^L8R = Hook up later

BH = Be home late

BH L8R = Be home later

LUV = Love

WRU = Where are you

SND $$ = Send money

DONT WRY 2 MCH = Don't worry too much

TTYL = Talk to you later


>O< = Sun

*** = Snowflakes

:) = Smile, Happy

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