Private Network Traffic Management over 4G LTE gives organizations new ways to manage apps in a ‘mobile first’ environment

Verizon today introduced Private Network Traffic Management, an industry-first wireless networking solution among U.S.-based carriers that gives business and government customers the ability to manage mobile applications for better performance, enable prioritization among applications and increase productivity. A subscription-based offering available only to Verizon Private Network customers, the new traffic management solution can be added to select Verizon Private Network 4G LTE devices for a monthly fee per user, based on the service level option selected. The service levels, which feature a ‘Mission Critical’ traffic management class, ideal for applications such as video and voice-over-IP, include:

  • Premium & Enhanced: Available to all Verizon Private Network customers, the Premium and Enhanced service level options allow customers to allocate portions of their 4G LTE connection, in correlation with the selected subscription, for sending mission critical applications.
  • Public Safety: Data applications traversing this top-tier service level exclusively available to Public Safety customers who subscribe to the Verizon Private Network, including Emergency Services or other first responders, will receive the highest transmission priority to enable critical communications to reach their destination quickly.

“The value proposition of Verizon’s latest offering for organizations is quite dramatic,” said Kathryn Weldon, principal analyst for Enterprise Mobility with Current Analysis. “Since the advent of 4G LTE wireless networks, we haven’t seen anything like this which allows customers to prioritize their business critical applications over classes of service from their mobile devices. In addition, the seamless integration of Verizon’s private wireless network with the company’s global IP private wireline network extends the enterprise to a wireless environment, offering significant benefits for leveraging the Internet of Things and other mobility initiatives.”

Building a mobile foundation

Private Network Traffic Management serves as a building block for the Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘Mobile First’ initiatives by creating an environment for borderless connectivity that securely and reliably integrates application activity from wireless devices into Verizon’s global Private IP wireline network and leading cloud service providers via Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect. Specifically, the security inherent within Verizon’s private wireless and wireline networks-- called Private Network and Private IP respectively -- creates a secure end-to-end environment for managing application performance and sophisticated enterprise-grade systems.

“The surge in enterprise mobility and IoT adoption by organizations has created a demand for powerful networking solutions that are the growth engine for successful initiatives,” said Shawn Hakl, vice president of enterprise networking and innovation with Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Whether an organization is responding to a public safety crisis where mobile communications among first responders can be life-saving, deploying collaboration and mobile tools to enhance productivity among employees, or offering condition-based solutions for maintaining machinery and improving the customer experience, combined wireless and IP environments that offer speed, reliability, flexibility and security serve as a significant differentiator, particularly as more organizations are turning to software defined networking solutions.”

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