02/20/2020|Inside Verizon

A purpose grows in Brooklyn.

By: Erin Kristoff

One special V Teamer sees a need and puts it on himself to make a difference.

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Sean Reynolds can’t help it. He just likes doing things for others.

I guess I have a passion for people who are not able to speak for themselves.

By day, Sean is a Verizon field technician installing Fios in homes and businesses in Brooklyn neighborhoods like East Flatbush, Canarsie, East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights. It was his experience on the job that brought him to a realization.

"As technicians, we’re in a unique position because we go into all kinds of homes. I go in and I see some of these people are paying for our service but barely have anything to eat or clothes to wear.”

That’s what spurred Sean to partner with his church for Thanksgiving to deliver meals, including turkey and side dishes, for ninety families of kids with special needs.

But even after his act of service he wasn’t satisfied.

“It still didn’t feel like I had done enough.”

So Sean looked for other needs and other ways he could help.

Within weeks he had partnered with his church to organize additional food and clothing drives. He sent an open letter to members of the community in East New York, telling anyone who needed food, coats or other clothing to come to Christian Cultural Center. Sean invited victims from homeless shelters, a local domestic violence shelter and those who had been displaced from their homes due to fire.

Sean also asked his fellow V Teamers for their help. One of those coworkers was Alex Boxill, a 25 year Verizon technician who was impressed with Sean’s dedication. “I was blown away. Here he was doing this really selfless and generous thing. Just doing it on his own.”

Following Sean’s lead, his V Team crew came through in a big way, donating their own time and money to help distribute meals to over 500 needy families and raise over $20,000.

And none of it would have happened without Sean’s thoughtfulness and initiative.

Thanks to Alex for tipping us off to all of Sean’s good works, and hats off to Sean for leading with purpose and truly moving the world forward.

About the author(s):

Erin Kristoff is a member of the Corporate Communications team and can sometimes be found playing silly background characters on Up To Speed.

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