By: Jerry Rizzo
Philadelphians Get a Chance to Double Up and Earn with City-wide Scavenger Hunt
KDDI Japan customers will use VoLTE service while traveling in the United States

Beginning at noon today, Center City Philadelphia will become the scavenger hunting grounds for those looking to earn a little cold hard cash and learn about Verizon's Double Up & Save promotion

Those in the area with savvy enough Center City scavenging skills will earn themselves $20 from a Verizon street team! That's if they can locate them.

We're not only hooking up those who track down the cash - A $2,500 Double Up & Save donation will be made to the Urban League of Philadelphia. The donation amount is equal to the number of $20 prizes being awarded to scavenger hunt participants.

You can get a jump start on the day's Double Up & Save Scavenger hunt by checking out the hints we've dropped below. Additionally, 95.7 Ben FM’s Marilyn Russell will be helping hunters by tweeting on location.



1:00-1:50 P.M.
Hint #1:
We've got twenty-five 20's IN STORE for you at 1700 Market!

2:00-2:50 P.M.
Hint #2:
Want to earn a little? Simple! Just head towards the giant frog, the bravest lion in the city, and one lucky 'Billy' goat.

3:00-3:50 P.M.
Hint #3:
LOVE crisp twenty dollar bills?  Getting one has never been such a walk in the PARK! Just don't drop it in the fountain...

4:00-4:50 P.M.
Hint #4:
Want to bring home bacon? You can bring home that, fresh seafood, local produce, and one of those famous roast pork sandwiches at this savory spot.

5:00-5:50 P.M.
Hint #5:
The final freight of 20's are leaving the city's main train hub. All aboard!


The Verizon Double Up & Save Scavenger Hunt celebrates a special, limited-time promotion where eligible Verizon customers, both current and new, who double up with both wireless and FiOS voice, Internet and TV services can save $480 over the next two years by registering at www.verizon.com/doubleup by April 19. 

Customers will receive $10 off their Verizon Wireless bill and $10 off their Verizon FiOS bill each month.  The savings of $10 each for wireless and wireline services will be applied on customers’ monthly bills for 24 months as long as the qualifying services are maintained.

Learn more about the Double Up & Save promotion here:  http://newscenter.verizon.com/corporate/news-articles/2014/03-07-fios-and-wireless-bundle/.

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