Recovering From Spinal Surgery: A Personal Testimonial For the LG Tone

Many of us who work at a computer a good portion of the day start to experience some repetitive stress in our neck, shoulder, arms and hands. We sit still for hours in a zone of concentration not realizing we’re locking up our joints and putting our muscles in repeat patterns that may be hard to shake years later.

Angella Like, a Verizon store manager, suffered from a genetic and degenerative spinal stenosis that froze her neck in place and began to cause neuropathy in her hands. Eventually, cervical surgery was needed for an ultimate fix. But she’s found an ultimate tech accessory that helps her through the day — and one of the first things she puts on in the morning when getting dressed for work or play.

She also doesn’t hesitate to tell customers her story if they start to mention similar aches and pains. Usually, she lightly touches the small scar on the front of her throat first. Then she talks about what looks like a matching red bracelet around her neck and how it works. A high-energy individual, she’s more than just an employee selling a product. She’s a believer. “This has been a saving grace for me,” she told one customer.

The LG Tone Pro she wears is a Bluetooth stereo headset with 16 hours of talk time that blends in with the Verizon store colors. Hers is a shiny red that matches employee garb in the Verizon store - colors of red, black and muted gray. The latest update, the LG Tone Active, offers neon colors and is water and sweat resistant. “My surgery is the main reason I’m so passionate about this device. And this provides me so much relief.”

Like anyone who does daily and repetitive tasks, typing at a computer keyboard being just one example, she knows what a lifesaver this Bluetooth headset can be. The device connects by Bluetooth to a mobile phone. The vibration on the necklace for an incoming call allows a user to hit one button to respond to any call with ear buds secured in the device.

The higher-end models come with JBL or Harmon Kardon speakers for superior sound. Angella uses her LG Tone Pro to listen to her Pandora music selections while cutting the grass at home. She listens to her daily audio Bible on her daily commute into work. And she can be present for her customers while not worrying about where her phone is and how quickly she can respond to a call.

Even better for a person recovering from surgery? She’s not using repetitive motions with her arms, hands or neck. Repetitive Stress Injury, or RSI, can result in shooting pains and numbness generating from neck to hand. While RSI is most usually connected to computer keyboard board, it first appeared in world medical literature in the 17th century with reports of “milkmaids’ arm.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s been a flood of RSI injuries over the last 25 years as computers have become an integral part of many jobs.

The LG Tone may be just one product at Angella’s Indianapolis Verizon store, but she knows why it’s a great fit and just how useful it can be. It’s also one of the highest rated accessories by consumers on Verizon’s website, which ranks “ease of use, design, features and performance.”