Reject robocalls, spam and fraud calls on your phones

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If you’re annoyed by robocalls, spam and potentially fraudulent calls, you can now stop them thanks to new warnings available on your smartphone. The upgraded Caller Name ID app from Verizon helps you make informed decisions about incoming calls on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Just download and install Verizon Caller Name ID from the App Store to your iPhone and be warned when incoming calls are likely spam, fraud or a robocall. If you have one of the 18 eligible Android phones, you’ll find the spam detection tool inside the Verizon app folder on your smartphone.

Caller Name ID from Verizon helps identify robocalls, fraud and spam with visual warnings so you can avoid unwanted calls

Robocalls generate millions of complaint calls each year to the FTC’s Do Not Call program and cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars.

Caller Name ID adds helpful contact details including names of people and businesses that are not saved to your contacts. It also identifies unwanted numbers and allows you to report them. Verizon Caller Name ID analyzes billions of calls to identify suspicious calling patterns, thanks to TNS Call Guardian from Cequint.

“The robocallers get exposed and customers are empowered to swipe and reject calls thanks to real-time spam detection that’s running 24/7,” said Jason Torrey, Cequint general manager.

Available for $2.99 per month, Caller Name ID is a premium experience delivering the right information at the moment it’s needed, including a “risk meter” for Android customers showing the likelihood of fraud. 

“We’re providing more insight into who is trying to reach you and that means more control,” said Aparna Khurjekar, senior vice president of consumer products for Verizon Wireless.

If you’re getting unwanted calls on your home phone, we've got you covered there too. In addition to the anti-robocall tools through FiOS Digital Voice you can use the Shield and the V5000 from CPR Call Blocker.


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