08.28.2015Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Tech Spotlight: Retail Tech Trends, Massive IoT Cluster, Security Certification

While you’re out enjoying the last few days of your summer vacation, retailers are gearing up for the holiday season and making sure their business systems are ready to handle the increased network traffic.

This week’s top story features Verizon’s Jay Yanko discussing a ton of technology trends that retailers should consider well-before the holiday crush. Also this week, we look at the infrastructure needed to handle the recent explosion of IoT devices, issues surrounding cloud adoption and the need for security certification. I also want to shine a spotlight on Verizon’s new Hum, a connected-car diagnostic service geared towards consumers, but born out of technology that was forged in the enterprise space.

Have a Merry Networked Holiday

Insights for retailers on ensuring IT readiness during the critical holiday shopping season and covers a broad range of topics including network testing and readiness; payment security protocols and fraud trends; and the significance of cloud computing for successful ecommerce operations. (Chain Store Age)  

Verizon Puts 50,000 Docker Containers to Work on a Massive IoT Cluster

Launching a Docker container is so yesterday. Today, it's all about 50,000 Docker containers... launched in 100 seconds... on a Mesos-powered cluster. This is exactly what Verizon did today at MesosCon in Seattle. (TechRepublic)  

A Cloud with a Grey Lining

Despite all the hype and market potential dotting its way, Cloud as a concept, is flanked with a multitude of issues. Are these issues spurring the tide or stopping it? We find out why Verizon calls it 'missing the bus.' (CIOL)  

Verizon’s ‘Hum’ Turns Any Clunker Into a Connected Car

Starting at $15 a month, Hum will tell you when something's wrong with your car and summon help if it all goes bad. The IoT solution-as-a-service taps your car’s on-board diagnostic port, and conveys information through a Bluetooth-enabled speaker clipped to your visor. (Wired)  

Why Certify? The Significance of Security Certification

When it comes to security, many electronics OEMs consider certification of its products by an independent organization an option, rather than a requirement. However, third party testing is an important element when a potential customer is choosing technology solutions to be part of its security management program. (EBN)

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