Ridiculous 4G LTE Speeds Hit Indianapolis for Super Bowl 46

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Josh Smith from GottaBeMobile shares speed tests from his network tour of Lucas Oil Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLVI.

Verizon’s 4G LTE network delivers speeds ten times faster than 3G, with promised speeds of 5 to 12Mb/s down and 2-5 Mb/s up, but it can go much, much, MUCH faster.

In theory, 4G LTE can hit 100 Mb/s down and 50 Mb/s up, but it isn’t likely that you’ll find these speeds in your average neighborhood.

But, what if you are one of the only 4G LTE users on a 4G LTE network that has been prepped to handle 85,000 users at a cost approaching $69 million? If that’s the case, you can see some pretty amazing speeds.

Read the rest and see the speed tests on the GottaBeMobile website.

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