RootMetrics Study: Verizon Provides Best Wireless Service in Louisville

Business First in Louisville, KY shares the good news about a recent RootMetrics study naming Verizon Wireless the fastest and most reliable data network in the Louisville, KY area.

According to an assessment of mobile performance in the Louisville area, Verizon Wireless provides the fastest and most reliable data network, allows the fewest dropped and block calls, and has the fastest text service among wireless providers in Louisville.

Bellevue, Wash.,-based RootMetrics completed the research in Louisville from May 31 to June 4, performing 9,414 call, data and text tests, covering all hours of the day and night.

Tests were performed on Android-based smartphones purchased from carrier stores.

Verizon earned the top spot with a RootScore of 96.0. It was followed by T-Mobile, with a score of 57.2; AT&T Inc. (55.4); Cricket (50.9); and Sprint Nextel Corp. (45.3).

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