Samsung Galaxy Nexus, featured at CES 2012 -- hands-on comparison to iPhone

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Susan Walker from the Cleveland Home Technology Examiner shares how the Samsung Galaxy Nexus stacks up against the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a hot new device featured at CES 2012 (the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) and it’s here now in Cleveland area stores; here’s how Galaxy Nexus, with its Android 4.0.2 operating system, stacks up to iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus looks similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S though it’s noticeably larger and has a slightly curved display. The biggest differences are inside.

Operating systems: Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to use the new Android 4.0.2 operating system (nicknamed “Ice Cream Sandwich”) while iPhone 4S uses Apple’s iOS 5.0.2 operating system. Both operating systems are good; they’re different and either one will take some getting used to for a first-time user. Our observations regarding differences:

- Android kept track immediately of all the books we’d set up on the Android reader including freebie classics; Apple iBooks was not as quick and smooth to do the same, but did ultimately get there.

Read the rest of the review on the Cleveland Home Technology Examiner site.

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