Samsung Gear Fit2 now available at Verizon stores

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Samsung Gear Fit2 now available at Verizon stores

Your wrist should tell you more than just the time and steps taken that day. The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a smart fitness wearable that can give you all the information you need and want, at a glance. The Gear Fit2 is now available online and in Verizon stores for $179.99 in small or large band size options.

Advanced fitness tracking

The Gear Fit2 tracks and records activities in a smart manner. In addition to the traditional tracking information such as steps and calories burned, the fitness wearable keeps track of the following:

  • Auto Activity Tracking: no need to tell the wearable whether you’re walking or cycling, it just knows.
  • Floors Climbed: tracks ascent of stairs and hikes for a better analysis of activity.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring1: all day heart rate tracking beyond just workouts.
  • Multi-Sport Tracking: select to track cycling, hiking, lunges, crunches and other activities.
  • Map miles with built-in GPS

Track more than just pace and distance with the Gear Fit2. Its built-in GPS means mapping a run without needing to carry your phone. No need to fumble a phone or to find a place to keep it while running.

Samsung Gear Fit2 now available at Verizon stores

Move to your own beat

Wait, but don’t you need a phone to rock out while running? Luckily, the Gear Fit2 is able to store up to 500 songs on your wrist. Just pair the Gear Fit2 to a Bluetooth headset and you’re good to go.

Squad goals

A little friendly competition never hurts, and it can help with motivation too. Set up competitions with friends using Samsung S Health and see which one of you takes the most steps or runs the farthest.

Tap n’ text with a better network

FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, but it shouldn’t distract you from everyday activities or workouts. Paring the Gear Fit2 with a compatible smartphone (Android 4.4 or higher) will allow you to receive and respond to texts and calls, get notifications and calendar alerts.

The smartphone and network you pair your wearable with matters. Setting up a Gear Fit2 with a compatible Verizon smartphone means you can feel confident you’ll receive notifications when they come in.


1The information gathered from this device or its related software is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. The accuracy of the information and data provided by this device and its related software, including heart rate readings, may be affected by factors such as environmental conditions, skin condition, specific activity performed while wearing the device, settings of the device, user configuration/user provided information, placement of the sensor on the wrist, and other end-user interactions. Please refer to the user manual for more information on proper wear and use, or see


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