Samsung Stratosphere Launches Oct 13th, First 4G LTE Device with Physical Keyboard

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Josh Smith from GottaBeMobile takes a look at the new Samsung Stratosphere, which launches on Verizon’s network on October 13.

The Samsung Stratosphere finally has a release date. Starting on October 13th, you’ll be able to go online or to your local Verizon store to pick up the first 4G LTE smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

This is great news for users who cannot fathom a switch to an on screen keyboard. Many times these users have to put up with second rate smartphones, but looking at the Samsung Stratosphere specs — physical keyboard lovers can enjoy decent specs.

The highlights include a 4″ Super AMOLED Display, 4G LTE and the physical keyboard, but users will also appreciate the front facing camera and 5MP rear camera capable of 720P video.

Samsung Stratosphere keyboard

Samsung Stratosphere: 4G LTE and Physical Keyboard

Most physical keyboard fans I have met aren’t afraid of touchscreen keyboards, but have difficulty typing due to hand size or fingernail, so it’s nice to see a 4G LTE device that meets their needs.

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